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Cayo Levantado


Would like some help , we are planing a last minute trip to the Bahia Cayo Levantado, the problem is that we have no information on this new resort, ??? We would like to hear from people who has gone or maybe Samana could tell us a few thing about the island, if he-she knows it.


I will post a few things about Cayo Levantado, building the hotel, environmental issues, corruption, coral reef in the bay, and other stuff in a day or so.



fair enough what about Cayacoa , some one is trying to sell me Cayacoa instead of Levantado. Telling me that booth are the same… Please tell me the diference.


They are NOT the same.

Location: one is on an island the other on the shores of Samana Bay, service wise Cayo Levantado is a 24hrs all inclusive, Cayacoa is an All Inclusive only, not a 24hrs AI. Accommodations are completely different, Cayacoa has hotel rooms, Cayo Levantado has villas-bungalows.

If you like luxury and money is no object take Cayo Levantado, very private and exclusive.

I visit both hotels when they were not finish, under construction and renovation, my opinion is base on what I saw and what the presentation try to project for the future.



Is the hotel now open and up and running, Ive been trying to find out from all corners of the globe, but Im not getting very far, it was due to open Dec 15th, I`m not that concerned as we dont travel until May 11th, so we have a few months yet, but it would be nice to have some reviews on this hotel.


Thanks for your help Samana greatly apreciated