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Cayo Santa Maria - Clothing Optional?

We are contemplating this area for our next vacation and will be traveling with our two teenager children. In our travels, they have become accustomed to topless sunbathing. However, I know the full nudity is not something I would be comfortable in “exposing” them to. So my question is…is it prevalent on all areas of the beach, or is there a secluded area that is clothing optional. Will we be able to enjoy the beach without me having to cover their eyes?

Please, no offense to anyone who enjoys this activity.

There is a clothing optional area at the west side of Sol. Generally speaking it is confined to this area unless you walk a long way from the resorts. Personally I find the “full Monte” less objectionable than some styles of bathing suit. :smiley:

The west beach of the Sol is “nudist” (there’s a sign on the beach that will alert you to this). It’s not an area that you can easily come across “par hazard”, so no worries of inadvertant “exposure”. (Wow! There were a lot of quotation marks in that post! :P)

When I was there last year we walked by the “nudist” area and didn’t evey really notice. Your too busy looking at the ocean and the “nudist” sunbathers are usally set back a little from the water. Mind you, when we were snorkaling around the corner just before we went in a guy walked up to us to chat in his birthday suit and didn’t seem to want to leave, just wanted to watch us…but we got past it.

The nude beach west of the Sol is really low key and very few people there are nude. It’s well apart from all the resorts, and not really even visible at the Sol unless you walk over there.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I just booked a great deal for the new Barcelo.