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CDM Review Nov 15-22

review sent to Debbie,

will be posted on review site when she returns from the DR

thanks for the review


Hey there Sean! Welcome Back! Please give Mike and Tina Best Wishes for a long and happy marriage!

Loved reading your review…

Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get the chance.

And of course hearing more about your stay!

Welcome back!
bb/mt ;D

Guess you were one of the fast ones. Everyone else will have to wait until it gets posted in the review section … :sunglasses:

Is there a problem with posting it here aswell??? Why was it removed?

Nevermind I found the rule , if anyone is looking for it, it is up on other sites while you are waiting for it here.

this is in debbies rule section

Please do not post your trip reports on the forums. Send them to me at reviews@debbiesdominicantravel.com for posting at:

Anything posted on the forums that I would consider a review will be removed and placed on our main review site, and replaced with a link to the posted review.


What other sites please. I din’t see it on TA.

Sean, thanks for sharing…the DREAM!!!

I need your help with the captions…


click in on pic to enjoy 7 of the latest and greatest from our pal Sean!

Sean U ROCK!

bb/mt ;D

Sean had posted his review on the SUNscape Forum and then sent me some pics with permission to share…

Just got some claification on where the shots were…

Believe it or not those are all from inside the new Disco.
The first picture is the bar which is located in the middle of the club with 4 sides open for drinks and sitting with lights on in disco mode
2nd pic is a seating area in one of the 4 corners of the club
3rd pic is looking up the left side of the bar with us sitting next to the dance floor.
4th pic is the sitting area in the front lounge area of the club
5th pic is looking up the right side of the bar toward the DJ booth
6th pic is the bar with the lights on
7th pic is the Swim up bar and Oceana Work.

The Disco also has a patio behind the two level dance floor that has 3 king sized 4 poster canopy beds along the back wall and plenty more seating.
I should have some more pics for you in a couple of days.


Again Sean YOU ROCK!

Thanks for sharing the DREAM!

bb/mt ;D