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Cdns paying to much to fly...government clues in


I guess the government is just clueing in to the high price for flying…


They’ve been told this before but have done nothing to curb it.


This has been in the news many times before, the government DOES know and does nothing about it. Haven’t read the article above but the news this morning stated that 5 million Canadians flock to the US to save on average 30% on their travel.


And the more this is brought out to the public the more people will use the US for their travel departure point, good for the US I guess. Maybe Air Toronto, whoops, I mean Air Canada will wise up too.


No Deb, A/C will again ask for a gov’t bailout.


I fly from Moncron NB to Newark NJ then onto Punta Cana with Continental and have a two hour layover each way. This flight is 600 dollars cheaper than AC or WJ and with AC or WJ I had a 24 hour layover in toronto so add motel and meals for two days. No wonder we all fly from the USA!!