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Cell Phone Question

I’m leaving in a couple months from the United States. I was wondering if anyone knows if American cell phones will work in the DR to call the hotel, or for calls back to the states. Do you need to have anything special done to the phone before leaving or order another type of phone? Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I am clueless on this matter.


There are so many cell phones and plans. It would be best to call your provider and let them tell you. You’ll likely find that if it does work, the roaming charges will be quite high.

Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for the simplest, most cost effective way to get back in touch with the states then by phone? I was going to bring my laptop and just use e-mail but I didn’t really want to carry it around.


I haven’t seen a major hotel there yet that didn’t have an internet access with their own machines. Wifi is still somewhat rare.

You can buy phone cards at most of the resorts.

Charges can tend to be quite high using your own cell…You can buy an Orange Phone at any Orange Shop (reasonable) then buy cards for minutes for 10 pesos a minute. Much, much cheaper that using your own phone unless you have a great international plan. Good Luck

wraiff - check this out - I’ve been a very happy customer for some years now!


in Canada - www.vonage.ca

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I have verizon. I have to call to set up international roaming and calls back to the US are $1.99 a minute. Texting can be done as well and is cheaper, but there is still charge. Hope this helps.

we also have verizon and have the north american plan. ( we are canadian) we were charged $1.29 a min. had great reception

Be sure to ask the front desk at your hotel if you can call from your room phone and at what cost. A couple of years ago - we stayed at the Iberostar in La Romana - we were able to call the US from our room at a cost of $1.00 per minute. Costs may be higher now, but it could still be a reasonable option.