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Cell Phone Use in DR?

We are travelling to DR in Feb, and I am wondering about what I need to do, if anything, to be able to use my cell in Punta Cana?

I from Canada with a Rogers Network cell…any ideas? I’m fairly new to cell phones (sad I know) so please dumb it down. Do I need a Sim…whatever that is?!


Check with Rogers to see if your plan covers you, my Rogers cell works

Try this link. Direct from Rogers.
Check the rates under section 1 and if your cell will work under section 2.
From Canada the rates are crazy, 4.00/min incoming or out going back to Canada and 3.00/min locally. Just txt 60 cents per.

Is it possible to take a pay as you go purchased in the states and get a local number down there, would that be better??? I am from Canada and use an American pay as you go for when I go to Nascar races. I only use it twice a year so I have to have the number reset each year so that wouldn’t be a problem.


usually Pay and Talk only work in that country

the company they originate in that is

Just an aside re using your cell phone. It is much cheaper to call home from the phone in your room than using your cell. I believe it’s only about 30 cents/minute.

Calls from the room are quite cheap much better than cell.

Definitely call from the room if you can. My husband used his cell phone (he’s with Rogers) poolside at the Bahia Ambar to call a friend of hours who lives in the Dominican when we were there last June. He was on the phone for 6 minutes…the call cost $40 CDN. Yikes! Needless to say, the cellphone no longer travels with us!

Our phone is with Bell Mobility & it does work in Punta Cana, we only turned it on once a day to check messages, I don’t think I would want to make may call though$$$$

My Bell Mobility phone would not work last year when we were at Dreams PC, but maybe I don’t have the right plan.

We used ours last year at EhenH, I haven’t tried it anywhere else.

We were just down in Punta Cana Dec 15-24 and our Rogers Network phones worked. Jackson, just call Rogers and inquire.

I inquired with Aliant ( Bell Canada).They told me I would have to have International calling ( no charge) and it would cost $ 0.81 per min.

Do you need to receive calls from home? (I mean from persons who know your number) Then use your Rogers phone but be prepared to pay like $2/min.
If you want to make/receive calls locally (you can also call NA) then you can get a phone with the first $100RD included for like $30US you will need to go to an office representing the company Orange Claro etc (easier on North Coast Puerto Plata Sosua etc) but can be done Punta Cana as well.
If you Rogers phone is “unlocked” there is a high likelyhood that you can just get a sim card (10 -5 $US) for Orange and buy pay as you go minutes.
Hope this helps

my Rogers phone worked from PUJ