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Cell phone


I know this question has been asked before , getting old can’t remember the answer.
I have 2 brand new cell phones. I want to give them away to DR friends . Will they be able to purchase a sim card to make phones function . Has anyone done this in the past , as I really do not want to take them if they are of no use. Leaving next week , so if you know let me know thanks in advance.


They must be factory unlocked already or unlocked by your carrier.


Unless they are unlocked they will be useless here



Thanks , they are unlocked we only used them a couple of times didn’t like the configuration and the company sent new ones, so if they are of some use for our DR friends and they can buy card or what ever they need , otherwise we will just toss’em . going soon!


no take them down there for your friends I took some two years ago for my friend and she got them up a running :slight_smile:


I have lost count of the number of phones I have taken out over the years, always welcomed and even if locked they have the knowledge to unlock most phones, it is prob best and easiest to get them unlocked at home but if you forget it can be done out there.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS Wolfy love your footnote in your signature x