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Cell Phones


Am I correct in assuming that cell phones are useless in Punta Cana?


No, my wife’s AT&T worked on our balcony at Barcelo. There also was several others using phones…oh darn my Nextel didn’t work. I have been told a sims card is available that uses satalite technoligy but at this point I haven’t wanted to be in touch enough to invest in one. :sunglasses:


It depends on your service provider, plan and model of phone you have. The best way is to check with your cell company. Mine apparently will work, but not at a price that makes it attractive to use it. So, it stays at home.


I called my service provider last year before going (Aliant) (AT & T) and my phone would work as Bob says but at a cost of about $3.00 Cdn per minute unless you already subscribe to an “international” plan. Cheaper to buy a calling card in the DR from Verizon at about 250$RD for 30 minutes or about $10.00 Cdn. Cell phone might come in handy for “emergency” use so I may take mine for that reason only.


My phone worked fine, I was always texting on mine, only 50p a go :slight_smile:


I take two phones, one has my UK sim in it and like Caroline I stick to texts, for the other I get an Orange sim card on the Dominican system to ring my “local” (sorry but thats the right word here) friends, and for them to contact me. When I finish my holiday if I’m not coming back within a month I give this sim card away if it still has credit on, yet another way of tipping!

If you are coming from the UK make sure you have a triband phone as the dual bands we need for the UK won’t work! US and Canadians should be OK as you need triband anyway, just your service provider you need to check with.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


My Verizon phone worked fine @ .95/min. That is roaming plus all additional charges. I just had to call and have international calling added to my plan. No charge for that. :sunglasses: