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Cell phones

I did do a search, but can’t seem to find any info. Are cell phones permitted in cuba now? Would I need a converter for charging at the Sirenas Las Salina?

Cell phones have never been restricted for tourists in Cuba.

Sirenas La Salina is 220V with 110V shaver/toothbrush plug in bathroom. I assume your charger would work in the bathroom, but your charger is likely dual voltage 110/220 anyway. It’ll say on the charger.

In any case, unless you’re using it all the time and you’re prepared for a whopping bill any cell phone would easily last long enough on one battery. It’ll be turned off 99% of the time, right? No need to bring the charger at all.

Lastly, you’re with Rogers/Fido and your cell has the GSM 900 mHz band, right?..