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Cell phones



I’m new to Dominican travel and would like to know how operable my cell phone will be in the DR. I am a Verizon customer from Maryland, U.S.



Call Verizon and get international calling added to your account for a month, turn the phone on a you will likely see Orange network and dial direct as normal, that is how Rogers A T & T works

[b]Actually for a Verizon customer with the right international coverage I think the DR carrier will be Verizon - but then again, I’ve never done it because my vacations are cell-free zones.



Leave your cell phone at home and enjoy your holidays.

I told family, friends and work…the cell is on the kitchen table.

Enjoy your holidays !!



OK as a US person your phone will be triband = it will operate from the DR. Costs you will need to ask your provider, is it worth it? I doubt it! I find if I need to ring the UK from the hotel it doesn’t cost that much. I keep my cell on for texts which still cost to receive as well as send but cheaper than ringing. When I checked with T-Mobile my provider incoming calls would cost me £1.30 per min, outgoing £1.40. Text 30p to receive and 40p to send. As I now ring lots of people in the DR when I’m out there I but an Orange Sim card and use that most of the time or the hotel phone.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


As one who learnt the hard way in the past…know the costs before using it there! :slight_smile:
(with a cell phone from Canada)


I have Verizon, and when I went in June it was about 69c/minute. Forget what the roaming etc was, so it’d be a good idea to check. As someone else said, call Verizon first to enable international dialing.


Can someone please tell me what a sim card is and how it works? Can I use it with my own cell phone or do I need a different one? Mine is a triband and I’m from Saskatchewan. My carrier is SaskTel Mobility. The main reason I want to be able to use it is to text back and forth to my husband. We spend alot of time in different areas of the resort and it would be the best way to keep in touch.


Sim card is the little card inside your phone that holds all your information including your number and the numbers of your friends. Check the costs for texting as I know for UK cards it’s 40p to send a text and 30p to receive a text (when I’m abroad) if you are only going to send odd ones to you husband then it should be ok.

If you will be sending loads and maybe want to ring each other whilst you are in the DR I would suggest you get a couple of Orange Sim cards in the DR. They cost about $350DR and then you have to put credit on (I have to get a friend to do this as it’s all Spanish and very quick!)

As your phone is tri-band it will work with either your own Sim card (check the rate with Sasktel mobility) or a locally purchased card. Hope this clears it up a bit for you.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Ok thanks, I will check into it with my carrier. Has anyone gone there and tried to rent phones from Orange?


In response to an ad I saw in the Punta Cana phonebook, I enquired last year.
This is the answer I got:

Thankyou for your inquiry.
The daily rental rate is RD$50
Francisco Lluberes
809 565-6000

Their website is http://www.sendmoviles.com/
but I don’t see anything about rentals there.
Doesn’t sound like a good deal anyway.


Last year at Paradisus, we used my cell phone (Bell Mobility) 6 times without problem. The most expensive call was for 8 minutes at $14CDN total, including roaming and long distance.


FYI: Rogers lists their GSM coverage in the DR. Their roaming arrangement is through Orange. The rate posted on their website http://www.shoprogers.com/store/wireless/coverage/international.asp?shopperID=818012QN48HQ9K5K8D980DA6K3BSFC5E
is $1.99/min local and $2.98/minute to US/Canada.


Thanks everyone for all the information. It gives me some ideas anyway. I’ll let you know how it all turns out! :sunglasses:


Advice please on the safest place to pack the phone on the return trip.

Ive seen posts about phones being “expropriated” from carry on luggage. But is checked baggage really any safer?

Similar question re: spare batteries and ram cards for digital camera.


Haven’t read of phones being taken, but batteries, yes.