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Cell service

Will be going down to PC Feb 22 1st time, need to call home to kids. Is it better to buy calling card then setting up cell phone plan? have AT&T used in Mexico many times . Thanks,can’t wait to get out of the cold

Find out the phone number of the resort & set a time for the kids to call you in your room, definatly the cheapest way.

My advise .leave phone in the car at airport and have a fun holiday. Use email … have fun and play safe
I’ve travelled to DR , CUBA AND MEXICO the past 7 yrs and have never called home .

just my thoughts

Thanks for the tips, after checking with cell provider I will be using e-mail, like idea of leaving phone at home,only checking in a couple times. I got a get out of here -20F tonight in Mpls. a little more then 3 weeks to go. Thanks again.

Cell service is extremely expensive, so I don’t recommend it. I had a work colleague from the US call me while I was in the DR last year, and a 1-minute call cost $3.00.

Thanks, I will not be calling home, leaving cell at home where it belongs. Think we will use e-mail.

Rogers’ rates are $4.00 per minute for incoming and outgoing calls to/from Canada and USA and $4.00/minute for calls within the DR.