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Changes to Booking

Just curious… with Signature Vacations, they allow changes up to 45 days before for a $50 dollar fee. They also state that changes within 45 days of the trip are subject to full cancellation charges.

Has anyone ever made a significant change to their booking, (ie. one person couldn’t make it, so you wanted to take another) within the 45 days? If so, did your travel company treat it as a cancellation or did they charge you some other fee, or maybe nothing at all? :-/

(As added info, I have trip cancellation insurance but if it’s easier to pay a nominal fee to change a passenger, that would be preferred. We’re due to head out soon and my wife may not be able to travel.)

Had similar situation recently, only our changes to our reservation regarded the dates.
We had to pay 50$ service charges PLUS the difference of the current A.I. package (70$), so 120$ fee to push back departure date by one week. According to our agent (Clubvoyages, Qc City) it would have cost significantly more if we had changed resort. (4.5 star)