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Changing look of Guadalavaca

Depending on who you speak to the new 5 star hotel on the Guardalavaca Beach will be ready in 2 years…(or 10 years - lol). I believe at this time they say it will be a Cubacan run resort called the Albatross

But one thing is for sure… It looks different now with all the old buildings gone

[b]beach is on your right in the picture above

beach is behind you on the 2 pictures below[/b]


2 years?..We’ll see eh?..lol How long have they been buliding those new resorts at the end of Varadero? And I would guess things would get done much quicker in Varadero, than out of Holguin.

That being said, kinda sad to see the changes. I only made it once down that way before the changes have started, and I can see why people loved this untouched piece of paradise.

But like everything else in life, nothing stays the same.

any progress news on how the construction is moving along since we were there in June?

The green garbage can in picture two is gone, that is the only change since June…lmao…

Joking…but I would love to see or hear about the changes as they progess as well.