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Changing resorts


If you have already booked, but for some reason or another want to switch resorts or even destination say from PP to PC, is this possible or does it cost alot? Thanks for any quick reply’s we leave on Jan 11.


we are in the uk and swapped to go to the holiday village we paid £25 each but as it is so close to you leaving it might be more.


Hi Darwenlass
When do you go? We tried to upgrade, it was not available, the TA assured us that it will be fine & that they personally have not gotten any bad reports yet. So off we go next week & hope for the best. Where were you booked into first.


why do you want to switch? What resort are you booked to go to and which one do you want to switch too? I have known people that have done it and once they just had to pay the difference between the going rate and the other time they weren’t allowed to without a big penality.


We are booked into Holiday Village PP, but by the time we were finally able to get ahold of our TA there were no more upgrades left for the Adults only, needless to say I was not impressed I have been trying to get ahold of her since Dec 15 I left voice mails & e-mails she never got back to us & I finally got her associate yesterday to find out there was none left.


sounds like you need not use that TA agent agian, and I would tell her that if she doesnt help you out with whatever route you decide to go…

that is why i like a walk in travel office,