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Channel 4 Programme

Hi everyone tonight on channel 4 (UK) there has been a television doumentary on women going to the North coast to meet ‘boyfriends’ It was filmed in Playa Dorada but not sure which hotel I think it was either the Victoria or Puerto Plata Village. Anyway you’ll be able to watch online at Channel4.com.

I’ll leave it for you to make up your minds but just have to say how silly silly silly are these 2 women.

I have to totally agree with you.

Just FYI, you must live in the UK to see the program online.

Not the Victoria, it was in the Fun Tropical.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS there’s another thread for this subject in the off topic board.

I have no pity for these women what so ever. They surely knew what was going on, if they had at least one brain cell left in their heads. However if the management of the Fun/Royale does not allow any fraternizing with it’s guests then I wonder what will happen to the members of the animation team that were involved in all of this.

What they do off the property is non of the hotel’s business. However, if they got caught in a guestroom they likely would be sacked immediately.

I’m thinking they would get “sacked” in more ways than one!! ;D


Oh, they could have met very easily inside the resort. And if said animacion guy talks a lady into meeting him off the property …

Sorry yes it was the Fun Tropical. The management were aware Hector I believe even had a wall of ex staff and said where each of them had gone. They said it was up to staff what they did off site as long as it didn’t happen on site and affect other guests they were fine with it.

In one clip they were in Hemmingways and talked to a Canadian lady who was with a guy from Sosua. She didn’t speak Spanish he couldn’t speak English but apparently he was very loving!!! They then showed him next day talking to a friend and he slated her saying he doesn’t like her. He even showed them his home he shares with his mum, girlfriend (Dominican) and baby.

I have no sympathy for these women but it isn’t the only place in the world Turkish men are just as bad saying that I suppose there are in any country i sure as hell have dated a few :slight_smile: