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Charitable donations -taking with


I know this has been mentioned before, but can not remember where/when. I have many pounds of donations for Sousa Kids (Dream project, Mustard Seed House) and I have heard that Skyservice allows some kg. for this type of thing. Please forward/PM me with the details. I know I have to contact them in advance. Also, how does one package this up-just use an extra suitcase?

Thanks in advance, 19 more days. OMG do I ever need this holiday!


You have to contact them in advance either via email or their 800 number. They limit the number they will allow on a particular flight, so if someone else ahead of you has used up the allotment(s), then you are out of luck. So, make your request early.
If they will allow the extra luggage, they will fax you a waiver (or snail mail if you don’t have access to a fax).
They request that you pack the donations in a separate suitcase. Use an old one and just leave it there. That way you don’t have to cart the empty one back.



When we went Skyservice to POP on Dec. 3, we had a fax allowing us 44LB (20KG) of excess luggage for donation purposes. Today’s luggage mostly have wheels on them and weigh anywhere up to 10 - 12LB empty! ??? Therefore, we went out and bought a large hockey-type bag for the excess baggage. When folded up, went inside a suitcase to come home because it will go back with more supplies in April. ;D A photo of the bag is among the photos in our latest webshots albums.

Our travel agent, Joan Armstrong at Sears Travel, was the one who contacted the airline and received the fax for us.

BTW, from your post, you said: Sousa Kids (Dream project, Mustard Seed House) with the Dream & Mustard Seed in brackets. Please be aware that these are 3 SEPARATE charities - all of which are excellent.

DREAM and Mustard Seed are ones that we, at Beyond The Beach, thru Debbie’s Dominican Republic Children’s Foundation are aiding. As of Sept. 12/05, we were granted official status as a non-profit organization under Canadian law.

Sousa Kids is a charity one of who’s supporters is Checkpoint Bar & Grill in Sousa which is owned by Mark & Colleen (a Canadian couple). Mark & Colleen have fundraisers to raise money and school supply donations for the children in the area in which they have their business. We met them when we were there the week of Dec. 3/05. They are very passionate about the work of this organization.

You can find more information on these 3 different charities (and more) by going to: http://www.beyondthebeach.org


Thanks Bob and Dot,

After reading Bob’s post I contacted Skyservice via e-mail and they should be sending the fax sometime tomorrow to my work. They have allowed the same weight as you. The hockey bag tip is a great one! I know the suitcases are heavier, so that is an awesome suggestion and will re-use it as you did, for the next trip.

Another question-I would prefer to keep the donations at my hotel until I arrange for distribution pick-up. Is this what you did? I would hate to see them disappear into some hole or unintended hands.

Thanks again, for your reply. I do know that they are separate. Linens, household goods for MSH, school supplies for Sousa Kids more than likely, as I feel like I know Colleen already (I actually do know her cousin fairly well).

Have asked in past posts and PM’s for info be sent to me that I could print to use for fund-raising here (people like pictures, brochures explaining the charity) but have never received anything. I know they are all busy, but major support needs as much info as they can get before they may be willing to donate. Hopefully, this will be forthcoming soon and I can do more for those who have less.

Thanks again for the assistance, and the tip is just perfect!

Happy New Year!




Another thing my husband did with the supplies in the hockey bag - he divided the paper into a few equal piles and put them into individual plastic bags and taped them shut. This helped keep the paper from shifting and putting the bag off balance. We arrived at the airport in Toronto early so that we would be checked in before others… their fax did say that first come - best chance of the items being accepted.

Don also had all the Mustard Seed items in bags to make it easier to deliver. When we arrived, we put the bag in a corner of the room until we were able to determine when we could deliver the items. Having everything in its own travel bag made it easier as we didn’t have to go into it when we were unpacking our own stuff and our gifts for specific friends. BTW, the dress for Emelina for her baptism and the chain & crucifix were in my carry-on bag.

We telephoned Isaira Tours and spoke to Martin. We arranged for a driver to pick us up and we went first to Cabarete with the school supplies and took them to the DREAM office (photos in our webshots album). The driver was at our disposal and we were able to spend the amount of time we wanted, where we wanted.

We then went to Checkpoint and visited with Colleen and Mark. They were really busy so, short time to talk. We had printed information on DREAM and the work of Debbie’s Dominican Travel Foundation which we left with them. We will spend more time with them when we return in April and will have some things for Sousa Kids which they support.

The items for Mustard Seed, we had the driver take to the Isaira office for pick up. Mustard Seed is a place I would like to visit BUT, as with schools, I would not want to go there just for the sake of visiting. Too many interruptions to their schedule is not helpful to the children. We hope people understand and do not expect to receive a tour as there are so many wonderful people who donate, it would be very intrusive to the home.

As mentioned in my earlier post - you can get lots of information on http://www.beyondthebeach.org and can print that to show people what is done by these organizations. There are photos and reports on this site as well.



Mommacat we have decided to put all of our donations into a box which weighs nothing at all. Air Transat has given us 5 kg per person extra allowance so we don’t want to waste it on luggage. We will line the box with plastic garbage bags and then load it up, making sure it meets the size requirements of checked luggage.


Not a good idea! The cardboard box will attract the attention of customs. Use an old suitcase!