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Cheap way to see Tulum Coba and Xcaret from Cancun

What’s the cheapest way to see these three places from Cancun? Would it be better to take an all out tour or rent a car or take a colectivo?
If a colectivo is recommended, can anyone give instructions on where to get on and what times they run?
There is myself, DH, and our DD, 5 years old.
We were thinking Tulum/Coba on one day and Xcaret on another.
However, most tour sites online are quoting around $100 each for the adults and it goes up from there. We really don’t want to spend that kind of money if we don’t have to.
Would it be best to maybe book a tour once we get there and can negotiate in person?
Does anybody know the cheapest tour operators? BTW, Friday tours are out because those are our arrival/departure days.
Thanks in advance!

:slight_smile: We did Coba and it was an all-day thing. I would not recommend this tour for small children as it is a long day. However, it is a VERY interesting place to see and you can climb the ruin. That was a highlight.

From Cancun, Coba is the furthest site and I’m not sure if the public transit goes right to the gate. You could take a taxi, though.

You could probably do Tulum and Xcaret in one day, though, using public transit. :-*

You might want to check out Chichen Itza. I’m not sure, but I think that may be closer to Cancun than going to Coba. C I has been restored, you can’t climb the pyramids. I have not been there yet myself, but I have seen pictures and I can’t wait to go.

I think you would have to take a bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. I’m not sure if the Collectivos run all the way from Tulum to Cancun. I do know for sure that they run from Tulum to Playa del Carmen. Try posting your question on LocoGringo.com lots of people on there with tons of info.

Thanks, Bren for the extra site. Hubby has done Chichen Itza before and although I haven’t, I have my heart set on climbing, so Coba it is! We really don’t want to spend any more than 3 day outings and X-caret is one and Isla Mujeres is another.
Our daughter is fine as far as an all day thing. She’s very active and loads of energy so I don’t think that’s a real issue.
Thanks for your input as well Shirley!

:slight_smile: We did the “Mayan Encounter” with “Altournatives” when we went to Coba.

They promise a snack, a Mayan prepared meal, zip-lining, cenote swimming, a Mayan blessing, canoeing, etc. We left our resort around 8:00 a.m. and didn’t get back until about 10:00 at night. We didn’t have a chance to eat until about 4. We should have asked more questins about the schedule of events.

We aren’t big eaters but we were starving (the snack consisted of a perogie-type thing, one per person).

It was interesting but it was a very long day. :-*

Thanks for the tip Shirley. I’m sure the note aout not getting to eat until 4 pm will save a lot of hungry tummies!
We won’t be doing the Mayan Encounter because our daughter is only 5 and their minimum age is 6. Also, I personally have no interest in doing the zip lines. Just not for me.
I just want to go to Tulum, Coba, and Xcaret. We may even cut out Tulum if need be. Just not sure yet.

Take the colectivos from the Cancun bus station. They run all day. They’ll get you to Tulum and Xcaret. As for Coba, you’ll probably have to take a taxi from Tulum…no colectivos going out that way as far as I know (and if there are, not frequently).

You aren’t thinking of doing these all in one day, are you?

A note re: Tulum and your little one - you’ll have the sun beating down on you with no cover…it’s wide open. The earlier you can do it, the better. There’s a nice beach there so she can take a dip to cool off, but the sun will still be a concern. Just a caution from one Mommy to another! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Chichen Itza would be much closer - it’s further North than Coba, but I think it’s a loooong way inland on the road to Merida. Either way, you’re in for a long trip!

A couple of years ago, I arranged a private tour of Chichen Itza from our hotel in Puerto Aventuras. As I recall it cost about $300 for my wife, myself and our 10 yr. old son. A private van with driver picked us up at the hotel, took us directly to C I. The driver was alot of fun and brought a cooler with beer and soft drinks. He was willing to stop anywhere we wanted to on the way. When we arrived we hired a private tour guide for $60. He showed us the grounds and had a lot of historical information, it was really good. The day we were there the weather was very, very warm with the sun beating down and not much shade. I was so glad I had booked a private tour because it was so hot that we wanted to leave and our driver was ready.
No waiting around for anyone… just a hop on the van and we were gone. We stopped for a nice buffet lunch that was included and headed back to the hotel. We arrived back at the hotel around 5pm. I liked doing the private tour because there was no wasted time, we could leave when we liked and got back to the hotel at a decent hour. It was great, and I recommend it to families with small children or elderly as you don’t have to hang around when you’ve finished touring the grounds.