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Cheap Wedding Ideas

Here are some tips:

  1. Ask for a discount if you order all your bridal dresses and accessories from one store.
  2. Instead of using flower bouquets, consider carrying candles, books, bibles, a single flower trimmed with ribbon streamers, wicker baskets or a decorated fan.
  3. Use balloon bouquets instead of flower bouquets for decorations. Balloons and helium are a fraction of the cost of flowers, yet still look festive. They come in a multitude of colors and you can dress them up with ribbon streamers.
  4. Look for cake toppers in a craft store or grocery stores. They are usually cheaper than getting them directly from a cake decorating place. Also, if you are a crafty person or know someone who is, create your own cake topper. They are pretty simple to make.
  5. Reuse your pew markers to decorate doorknobs or other areas of your reception site.

Sorry but I have to just respond to this posting. These are all great for a local home wedding but not for the DR.

I would say about 99% of the resorts have the bride and groom’s flowers included within the package, even the free ones do.

Cake Topper, well do you want to lug that in your luggage. If you want something ask for a couple of flowers on the top or check out Ebay for your initials. They come in a padded envelope that you can just reseal and take along with you.

Balloons - You will not find allot of places allow this because of the environment concerns.

Pew Markers - Ask the resort if a bride earlier has left something like that behind to reuse or find out via social networks who is getting married on that same day. You might be able to share somethings. I have seen allot of couples doing this over the past year.

I hope this helps! Best wishes on your search for that special day!

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