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Check in on the bus?

Just read a thread in East Coast (http://debsdrtravels.proboards47.com/index.cgi?board=PC&action=display&thread=9583) for some hotels they are doing the “check in” on the bus.
Considering the 1 and 1/2 hour ride from Punta Cana airport to Bayahibe area they should introduce that system here also.
Saving some time for other(!) activities when in resort already.
Does any resort doing this?

I was provided with my check in package when I visited Casa del Mar in 2004 and was picked up with a bunch of other people and transferred in a bus. Since then it has only been me alone, or my Mom and me, or my friend and I and another couple in a van. No need to really worry about the check in on the drive and it leaves you free to enjoy the view!

I think it has as much to do with your tour operator as the hotel. I’ve always traveled with Air Canada Vacations.


Had that system the last time we went to Bahia Principe PC, hope they introduce this system for all buses to all resorts, so much easier getting to the resort with room allocated, get on the cart to your room, when ready… and start vacationing right there and then…

Yes I vote for that!
Even landing in Punta Cana and going to a Punta Cana resort would be enough to do the check in, never mind a longer than 90 minutes to Bayahibe area.
Some people might say: you are in vacation, why is the rush?
Well, last February we start our flight at 8:45 from Winipeg. (That is 2 hours behind DR.) We had at the airport at 6:45.
So let’s say was 10:45 our take off from Wpg -DR time. We got in Punta Cana at 19:00.
And we were in our room after a good hour of check in, at 21:45.
That is 11 hours. We got 1 snack , you are hungry, stinky and not last: very dry inside!!!
Would make difference one hour? I guess even 15 minutes is waaaaytoooolooong for something what could be done on the bus.
BTW the xx minutes from airport to resort is boring in darkness, and could be used in a better way. The guys at the bus knew our names, everything… So let’s see maybe will be some changes.
At the end: if you are not asking, you won’t get it…