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Child Sex Tourism in Cuba


According to this article, Cuba is a favourite destination for Canadian pedophiles as it is close and cheap. Ugh.


I hope they track down, charge and jail all of these guys.


I’ve been aware of this for quite some time.

There have been many heated debates on this topic over the years with far too many tourists in denial that something like this could even happen in their beloved Cuba. Good to know that finally someone is charged and going through the judicial process. Just hope the jail time will be served in Cuba rather than in Canada.


I don’t understand how they are even allowed to travel out of Country !!


Saw a bit of a story on W5 last night on it…they say they are trying to do more(government)…I think that IF they get their passports back, they should be stamped with “child sex offender” in big bold letters. When people are caught for drug muling and arrested, are they not flagged in the system from there on in??? How could drug muling be more important than a child sex offender!


I just hope when they get caught they get an extended stay in a Cuban jail. I don’t even mind if the country of origin pays the cost… they should pay in the country that they do the crime.


Follow up article in today’s Star.
I don’t find the article surprising. What is interesting is the complicity of the Casa owners and some resort staff. Also, “The Ugly Canadians is a series produced jointly by the Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language sister publication of The Miami Herald.” Not for a moment denying the problem, but the Miami Cubans do have an ax to grind…


Saw a bit of the W5 report on this last night also. So disgusting that my wife made me change the channel. There are some sick bastards in this world.


Same at my house, and I agree.


Unfortunately, between digital photography and the internet, it has become a lot easier for them to indulge in their “pastime”. And in some cases profit from it.


Funny how the Harper gov’t is so hard on crime but this obvious one has not caught their attention. Probably we’ll hear an announcement on Monday. Sometimes media sensationalism can be used as a good thing.


I did see that it was related to a Miami-based newspaper and thought, Oh boy. But axe to grind or not, the fact remains that sex tourism in Cuba is a reality. Whenever there is a financial disparity of wealth vs. lack of wealth, guess who wins? The person who has the resources to pay for the person who has no resources.

With regard to adult sex tourism, I have had conversations with working girls; I’ve seen them with their male patrons who feel that they can buy every aspect of the girl when they buy a week-long “girlfriend experience”, right down to telling her what she can eat and when she may eat it.

Excuse me while I go bleach my brain.


I encourage all who have been struck by this article to write their MP and ask them to change the law in this case, that all convicted sex offenders have their passport stamped and their travel limited.


This link will help you to find your MP. I am writing mine with a link to the Star article and a plea to change the laws so we can protect children in Cuba and elsewhere.


Hey sunlover. Great idea ! Then any Country can decide if they want to allow them in. If so, with a red flag like that, they will be easy to monitor.


Thanks for that link eloisegirl…I just sent off 3 emails to all members for my area. Very simple to do…how about everyone else give it a go.


I worry about marking passports of the “Romeos and Juliettes” who got their sex offence convictions because they were 19 and 17 or 18 and 16 as teenage lovers, and then were put on the list with the filth we are talking about. They were convicted under the same statutes as our worst child molesters.
Our Criminal code needs to distinguish between the types of offences and clearly mark those adults who prey on children.

I also worry about our country when a prominent member of our government says that viewing child porn shouldn’t be an offense. Backtrack, restate, whatever; this is the attitude that’s allowing the subjects of the report to thrive. Wink-Wink, nod-nod, do what you want to foreigners.
I think it’s been apparent to most Cuban travelers in the Playa Estes area east of Havana that it’s a hot spot for older European/North American perverts looking for underage hook-ups. Cuba could address this if they wanted to. Hasn’t been done yet.
Why would we be surprised to find a Canadian pervert travelling to Cuba 31 times in 5 years when it’s 70% cheaper than traveling to Thailand? No surprise there.


Woaaa… First, he was a former adviser to the PMO, never a prominent member of our government.
Second, he did not say that it shouldn’t be an offense. Hi exact words were, “I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters, but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste of pictures,”

My interpretation of that is that simply viewing child porn should not land someone in jail because viewing child porn is a mental illness and should be treated as such. They should be compelled to have counseling, be on parole or house arrest with very heavy restrictions on their use of the internet. I have to agree that a jail is the wrong place for someone with a mental illness. I have no problem with repeat offenders being jailed as a last resort.

There is a huge gap between simply viewing as a mental illness and making child porn or making use of underage children for sex. That is a crime and should have very serious and lengthy jail sentences with appropriate treatment while in jail.

FWIW, I also have serious problems with people using the excuse of a mental illness to commit heinous crimes, like the doctor killing his kids in Quebec, then being on day parole within a year. They should be in jail for a very long time.

Just wanted to set the record straight on what was said and by whom. :slight_smile:


I agree with dax but this is a Canadian problem too.
PMO = Prime Minister’s Office, Something our MPs aspire to be appointed to.
This is Stephen Harper’s former Chief Advisor over 10 years.

However it appears Flanagan is as twisted as the subjects of the CTV report:

Flanagan, who freely admitted he was on the mailing list of the National Man-Boy Love Association for a couple of years, said he had no sympathy for child molesters “but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures.”

Flanagan made it clear that his position differs from that of the Conservative government. He served as an adviser to Harper for many years and managed the Conservative election campaign in 2004. In 2006, he was a senior communications adviser on the campaign that brought the Tories to power.

Even the National Post had this to say:

Canada has a problem with child molesters.


Read the interview that was done in MacLeans with him. I won’t get into the details, but people should read it.

Basically he was assumed guilty and ready to be thrown in jail by the media and general public based on some words being taken out of context.

Sensational media then runs with it and only posts what it wants.

Good for MacLeans to sit down with him and ask him the questions directly, and give him a chance to explain himself.

No such thing any longer as presumed innocent till proven guilty in this country and certainly not in the media!

But yes, the orginal story posted here is terrible…


[quote=@spunky]Why would we be surprised to find a Canadian pervert travelling to Cuba 31 times in 5 years when it’s 70% cheaper than traveling to Thailand? No surprise there.
[/quote]My first thought when I read that this guy is a retired postal worker is that the Post Office pension plan is way too generous! I wish I could afford to go to Cuba six times a year. (No - not for that purpose. :-() Presumably he’ll continue to get his tax-funded pension while in jail.