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Children Travel Docs


My step son (11) and I are traveling to the Dominican the end of November. I have read conflicting reports on what is required for the two of us to travel together.

We both have our passports. Is it as long as he is entering and leaving with the same person that I do not need a translated permission letter from the DR embassy? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


The problem is that they see ONE parent and a minor. The assumption is that there might be some marital strife and this might be an abduction.
A notarized document stating that the other parent is aware that you are leaving the country with the child solves a lot of problems.


I would definitely have a notarized letter along just in case. Better safe thean sorry.


Go to Debbies front page and click on DR. Info. Scroll down until you see Entry and Exit and there you will find a wealth of information for your situation.


Thank you so much for the info.

I understand that I will still require the notarized letter of permission from his mother but does it have to be sent to the DR embassy here in Toronto to be translated.

On reading the information on this site it indicates that with notarized letter, entering and departing with same person that is all that is required. On the DR embassy site they are still saying that a notarized translated letter must still accompanying the minor.

I have no problem getting any of the above documents but just want to have everything in order.


Hi sheliab,
We took our 7 yr old Grand-daughter to Punta Cana last April. If your last names are the same they won’t bat an eye. In our case our last names were different as we are her maternal grand-parents. They did ask us for a letter. We had a letter drawn up & signed by both parents and witnessed by a local Justice of the Peace. We had 2 of these notarized, we went on line & had the same letter translated in spanish & also took the english one as well. This was acceptable to them, we had no problems at all.
If you are interested you can PM me & I will forward you a copy of this letter as well as the translation site.

Have a great trip!