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Chivirico and other questions


Greetings all!

For any on here that have been to Los Galeones in Santiago or even Brisas Sierra Mar, I was curious about the village at the bottom of the hill that Los Galeones sits on.

Questions about the shops that might be there, is there a school, a medical clinic, restaurant, bar, artisans etc. etc.

We’ve been long time Don Lino (Holguin) patrons but they’ve tripled their occupancy in the past 2 years so we went shopping for another small resort. By small I mean 60 or less rooms.

Some day when the kids move out we’ll do Cuba via casa particulars but for now we only have a week so wish to relax in a small, intimate setting with no need for corporate entertainment, motorized water sports etc. but must be close to a village where we can mingle and get to know the locals.

That’s the hardest part of leaving our old standby resort for a new one is leaving friends made in the village behind but I’m sure we’ll make new ones. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any assistance.


Chivirico is a nice, non touristy town. There are not a lot of amenities, certainly none geared to tourists, but there is an interesting restaurant on a island that I have not personally visited. You can walk down the (rather steep) hill from the resort into town and wander around a place that is likely more typically Cuban than most areas close to resorts. There is a medical clinic, and I think a hospital. Certainly a school or two, and there must be bars, although I was not looking for them. The resort itself is very small, and you probably have heard about the famous stairs to the beach.


I was there in 2007, so things may be somewhat different now.


I stayed at the Sierra Mar in 1999. We rented scooters and visited Chivirico. It’s a small rural town with very few “attractions.” One afternoon a bunch of us touristas went to play softball against the local team. Needless to say they clobbered us. Half the kids in the town showed up for the event and had a great time laughing at the gringos while eating treats we brought for them. That afternoon remains a highlight of that trip.


I don’t know the ages of your children, but Los Galeones is listed as an adult only resort.


Thanks for the responses!

Yes I’ve heard a lot about the stairs but we’re 2 middle aged couples that still have our mobility and I figure as long as a person isn’t going up and down the stairs multiple times per day it shouldn’t be an issue. Especially as they have some amenities on the beach I understand.

No fears on the kids ages as we were planning on leaving them behind this year.

Glad to hear about the medical clinic, hospital and school. Be a good place for us to bring some donated items.

Any idea if there is a church also?

We weren’t looking for “attractions” per se, more just places to bring some donated items and an excuse to purchase items from the Cubans. Whether tha’s a bar, restaurant, fruit stand, crafts etc. I’m sure with their more open free enterprise there might be some locals hawking some goods but can’t imagine too many people make the trek down the mountain.

Any one know of any other comparable sized resorts that I might’ve missed in my research?


Have you considered Costa Morena? I’ve not stayed there, although I have driven by en route to Los Corales. A forum member on Trip Advisor is just back and raved about the place.


Bucanero is also moderately sized, and I did enjoy my visit there.


Is there a bank or cadeca to exchange money in Chivirico for CUC and CUP? Does the hotel exchange money for CUC/CUP?

Although would prefer a proper exchange establishment.

Or does the airport at Santiago du Cuba have an exchage booth that’s accesible on arrival?


I haven’t been there since 2007, but at that time you could exchange money at the hotel. I didn’t try to do so at the airport or in town, but I am sure both would be possible. Also, you can take the shuttle to Brisas Sierra Mar, where I am reasonably sure there must be a cadeca. Someone else can confirm…


Thanks eeeefarm and what’s this restaurant on an island. I think I’ve seen pictures of it.

Ok just answered my own question about the island. This is a quote i found on a flickr web site with a photo of the island"