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I hope someone got a giggle or a bit of a memory flashback from the title of this thread…was it just the resort we were at in March that played this song 80 times a day?? or is it everywhere?

Well, we heard it at the CCC on the south coast, at the RIU Mambo on the north coast, so will have to wait to see if we hear it at Dreams on the east coast in January…will let you know :slight_smile:

It was the resort “theme song”, played to close the evening shows at the Hotetur Dorado Club (POP) in February 2007.


You hear the song everywhere.

This is the link on youtube

Soul Control - Chocolate (choco choco)

We heard that at the Barcelo Puerto Plata

and i thought it was just us lol!!! well i dont know if we will hear it this time but i hope so! everytime i hear it it brings me back! jan 20th is our trip and we are staying at the new majestic elegance hope its nice!