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Choice between Breezes Jibacoa and Villas Jibacoa?


So, we’ve made the decision to travel this November to Jibacoa and have been thinking of booking the Villas Jibacoa. I’ve been watching prices on both Breezes and Villas and have noticed that the BJ is within $100ea of the VJ. (flying out of Toronto)

In my research, I’ve come to understand that while bigger, the BJ has more going for it…correct me or enlighten me please. I understand that the food selection and quality is better at BJ as well. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the BJ includes one free scuba dive for certified divers, which I am. While we don’t require gourmet food, if the price is that close and I’m getting more for my money, I may go with the BJ. I know we’d be perfectly happy at VJ and the grounds look beautiful.

Please help me with my choice. For the little difference, which would you choose?



That close in price, you will likely be happier at BJ.


Hands down, Breezes Jibacoa! You will not be disappointed. And the Villas Jibacoa (formerly called the Cameleon?) is a three-star. If you are like us, this would be a definite deciding factor for choosing BJ instead. ;D


When the price difference between the resorts is $100 or less, then Breezes Jibacoa is the better choice for many people.

CVJ is usually several hundred dollars cheaper than Breezes. Keep in mind also that given the close cost between the two resorts for the week you’re wanting to book, many more people will opt for BJ so it could well be much busier and close to capacity.

We were in exactly this situation a couple of years ago. BJ was overbooked and they were begging people to spend a couple of nights in Havana to ease the overbooking pressure. The atmosphere at BJ can be quite different when the place is packed!


[quote=@yvrck] capacity.

The atmosphere at BJ can be quite different when the place is packed![/quote]

Is that good or bad?


Keep in mind that Cameleon Villas is also “kid friendly”. For us, a definite no. But, even if you don’t mind a resort with kids, the difference between the two is, in my opinion, like night and day. As for Breezes Jibacoa being busy. It’s always full when we go in February but that’s never been a problem. Fact is, it’s vibrant and fun. This past Feb, we wandered over to the shop outside Cameleon Villas and then went into the resort to have a look around, having heard so much about it. Imagine our surprise to find no one in the reception/bar area except employees and out on the grounds we saw one man sitting on his porch, reading, three people and a child at the pool and about half a dozen people on the beach. It was like walking into the twilight zone when, in comparison, BJ was alive. We couldn’t understand why CV was so dead! Very odd. If you are happy with a basic 3*, kid friendly, resort then you should be ok with CVJ but, if you want more out of your vacation and the price between the two is not so much then it’s a no brainer… BJ is the choice. Periodically, great deals are offered for this resort so you might as well take advantage as it’s costly in high season.


In the middle of the day at Cameleon people are usually at the beach or pool…or perhaps the buffet. Not being crowded or busy is a plus as far as I am concerned, but to each their own. :wink:


[quote=@iggy1][quote=@yvrck] capacity.

The atmosphere at BJ can be quite different when the place is packed![/quote]

Is that good or bad?[/quote]

The answer depends a LOT on you and your personality. I agree 100% with eeeefarm’s comment:- “Not being crowded or busy is a plus as far as I am concerned, but to each their own”.

We’ve never been to CVJ and found the place overrun by kids but we’ve definitely found a lot of intoxicated adults acting like kids at Breezes. The noise and activity level at any resort goes up by many decibels when the place is fully booked.

One observation we have made in the 12 years of going to the Jibacoa area is that when BJ is offered at a good price, it seems to attract a younger, livelier and more boisterous crowd of guests and the beach is far more crowded simply because the beach area in front of BJ (which has more than twice the number of rooms) is about half the size of the beach in front of CVJ (110 rooms).

Trying to avoid the many novice snorkelers staying at BJ becomes a bit of a game as well when the place is packed and the weather conditions are ideal.

Unless you have personally stayed at both resorts, it’s misleading to pass judgement on which one is “better”. They are both excellent for very different reasons. Being a multiple time returning guest also tends to skew your opinions. Without a doubt, returning guests do get treated a bit differently than a first time visitor. We’ve experienced this first hand and at both of the Jibacoa resorts. That’s just the way it is!


eeeefarm, just to clarify myself, it was the middle of a beautiful, sunny day (around 2:30pm) and it was like a ghost town. It was quite strange to see virtually no guests anywhere except as I noted above. At that time of day, one would expect the place to be humming so, to us, it appeared that there may not have been many guests staying there on that particular day.

As for another poster’s comment about not being able to judge which resort would be better unless you’ve stayed at both… sorry, but I disagree. One does not have to stay somewhere to be able to tell whether or not one would want to stay. Reading reviews and looking at what resorts have to offer is a valuable source of information as to whether a resort fits your particular wants. That’s why people ask questions like the OP’s to get opinions.
Good luck making your decision, Gefm, and I hope you aren’t disappointed with your final choice.


I’ve stayed at both places and prefer Villas Jibacoa. I like the fact that it is so spread out and even when it is full, it still doesn’t look busy.

The only advantage I see to Breezes, speaking for myself of course, is the beach restaurant and the food selection at the buffet.

I’ve always found the beach at Breezes to be crowded compared to CVJ and noisy. At Villas, if I want to plunk my chair down somewhere quiet and away from people, there’s no problem.

When i stayed at Breezes, I had a pool room view, this to me wasn’t a good thing. If I sat outside and read, I had to listen to the pool crowd drinking and partying.

At Villas I sit outside on my porch and can watch the birds flitting through the trees in front of me. With hardly anyone ever walking by.

So its a question of your preferences for quiet or somewhere that’s quite a bit busier.

I prefer peace and quiet, I don’t want to vacation somewhere that is noisier and more crowded that where I live. Which could explain why I prefer the Villas. I live in a very quiet area, lots of green space and nature at my doorstep, so going to a place like Breezes is far from a relaxing experience.


No, it isn’t necessary, although staying at both places does give you a more informed opinion. Some resorts have hidden charms that must be experienced, and you don’t “get” the vibe of the place by just walking through. I enjoyed Breezes when I stayed there, and I would likely try it again for the right price, but I find I am more comfortable at Cameleon. It just suits my mood most of the time. :smiley:


So the upshot of all of this you have two resorts, quite distinct from one another , sitting side by side.

One is not better or worse than the other. It is all a question of what your preferences are and what you are looking for on a holiday.

The ideal type of vacation for some people is to go to Disneyland and for others, its to kayak on a river stream in the middle of nowhere. Its just a matter of where your interests lie.

What some people are saying about Villas jibacoa may appear as negatives to them, but they are positive attributes to me. And the same can be said about the reverse.

So everyone finds a place that suits their preferences. Its neither good or bad. Its just different.

Its probably why I will never go to a place like Varadero. Punta Cana is another place that turns me off. Been there, didn’t like it one bit. Very busy, lots of people, lots of noise, a real circus atmosphere and for myself no redeeming features…


Thanks for all the replies and insight! It’s great to have all of you whose opinion I respect so much, reply. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about.

I am of the same frame of mind as many of you…I like a peaceful place. After all, I’m going to relax, not party. It’s unlikey that we will travel to this area again any time soon as the main reason for this trip is to visit Havana, so we were thinking if we get more for not much more $, we could put up with some noise and such.

Still not sure at this point which to choose…lol I’ll be waiting for a few weeks still and watching pricing. At this point if I was to book right now, I’m leaning more towards BJ but that could change if CVJ drops in price and becomes a more substantial savings ove BJ. I’m certainly not affraid of the 3 1/2*. We’ve stayed at the 3* Villa Coral in Cayo Largo and liked it enough to return. If it wasn’t for wanting to see Havana, we’d be returning to the VC. Spring will hopefully find us back on Cayo Largo. :slight_smile:

Decision, decisions…lol ;D

I’ll keep you informed as to which we finally decide on.

Thanks again all. :-* :sunglasses:


I agree with Seffiej that pretty much anytime in Feb. (prime time when BJ is full) you could shoot a cannon through Villas and not hit anyone ! Very seldom in Feb. have we experienced rowdiness at BJ . Comments in reviews over the past few years re BJ seem to have the same thread - “If you’ve come to party, you’ve come to the wrong place !” I understand also that food selection at Villas is much less than at Breezes. All in all, there’s much more at BJ . The added bonus is if the price differential between the two is minimal but again, each to his own ! As someone said a couple years ago: “the same sun shines over BJ as shines over Villas.”


The best room I have had was at BJ room 1146 ground floor . My wife said she could stayed in the room all day. We had the sun all day because it was a corner room. I had a chance to visit Cameleon and found the beach was much nicer than BJ. For the food at 6.30PM there was long line up at the buffet and it can not accomodate with all the people at the resort. If you arrive at 7.45PM they do not bring more food.


with all this talk about BJ"s…well I booked a two week stay sept 30th…just could not help myself…lol


Well like most, I think it’s about what people want in their vacation. I do love the feeling and the “vibe” that the CVJ has as well as the resort being so spread out. We go to the BJ every year to visit our friend that works there and must admit, the guests appear to be a little stand-offish to my liking. I do like the amenities that the BJ has but I don’t necessarily need them. At CJV everyone is friendly there. Just a matter of personal taste. At any time we’ve been there (10 years now) there have been a handful of children at CVJ. I love the emptiness of the beach area and there’s no need for crowding - to me, that’s the important amenity.


Just thought I’d let everyone know…we booked today. Decided to go with Villas Jibacoa as the price had dropped to $559.16 pp all in. :o I couldn’t resist that price! ;D Breezes is at $789.16 pp all in. I can eat out at one of the local paladors quite a bit for the $230 pp difference

Thanks for all the recommendations and help! Now the count down starts. Heading there the end of November! :slight_smile:



Just realized I put Villa Coral in…that should have been Villas Jibacoa. Sorry for the confusion


Can’t get CL off your mind, eh Gef?