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Christmas dinner dress code -Blau CV

Hi can anyone tell me what is the expected dress code for Christmas Eve dinner? We will be at the Blau Cost Verde.

Does anyone know what would be appropriate attire for women?

Thanks and happy holidays to all!


I was at BCV two years ago. The Christmas Eve. dinner was as fancy as you want to make it.
I just wore flat sandals and a cotton skirt and sleeveless top. Some were really dressed up, and some not. As usual, the men are in long pants, but not everyone takes dressy clothes to the resort, even in the holiday season. Hope that helps.

Thats awesome you get to be there for Christmas!!!

I’m there after Christmas… Jan 5th - 19th!!! … Can’t wait!!!

Jackson, thanks for the suggestion about what to wear, that helps a lot, and that’s about what I had in mind. I like to go away at Christmas to get away from all the glitz and commercialism but I do want to be a little festive particularly when I know the hotel has a tree and is decorated for the guests.

Northerngirl, we are very excited to be able to be there at Christmas. If you have a desire to do so, and room in your luggage, perhaps you might consider taking a couple of tarps to the locals. I heard from a friend, who just got back from the Blau, that MANY homes still are without roofs and the locals are desperate for tarps. She told them more would be coming from Canada.

If you haven’t been the the Blau, you are in for a lovely vacation!


Hola, Guys, Cubamiga & Northgal enjoy your trips. The Christmas decorations at the Blau looked great. The tree when you come in is very festive. AND YES if have room please take more tarps as Cubamiga said, we took 13 tarps and it was like a grain of rice in a bag. Please try to get off the resort to take the tarps to people who normally would not get them. We stopped along the road to Guardavalca and I had 4 tarps left. I gave them to a family that had no roof, but as I did their neighbour “Please, Do you have another” It broke my heart but I told her that I did not have anymore, but had the cab driver tell her that the tourist season is just beginning and that we will spread the word for any tourist going to Cuba to please, please take at least one tarp. So I told be patient they will come. Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy your trips!