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Christmas is coming and the geese

… and the privileged North Americans and Europeans … are getting fat.

Instead of Christmas gifts this year, please consider giving to those in need. The Dubois Foundation would be one good cause, or Radar’s Spanky Project. Or closer to home as the times get rough for so many people these days. To those with children and grandchildren who feel they must still give a gift, keep back even $10 and make a special card for the kids explaining what you are doing and why. Make it a Christmas tradition to always have one gift that is going to “a worthy cause.”

In the words of one Christmas carol:

“Therefore, all good men, be sure
Wealth or rank possessing
Ye, who now will bless the poor
Shall yourselves find blessing.”

Don’t mean to be preachy, but I have been doing this with my friends and family for birthdays and for Christmas for a couple of years now, and it means so much more to me to see a donation card in my name to someone’s favourite charity than a gift I don’t need!

Thanks for the reminder about what is important.

Our family are only doing stocking stuffers for adults and small gifts to kids under $20. Since all the kids are under 6, they are just as happy receiving an inexpensive present from Santa, but one they will enjoy.

We stopped giving gifts to family years ago except for small stocking stuffers :slight_smile: Instead the money, that would have gone to gifts, goes to charity with our favourite being The Salvation Army. Thanks for the reminder about the Dubois Foundation. We gave to them after the hurricanes but I will add them to my gift giving list for Christmas :slight_smile: