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Christmas suggestions needed


Hi everyone, just a quick off topic question that I could really use some creative minds for.

I have purchased 2 gift certificates for my mother and sister (for Christmas) and will be taking them to Punta Cana for a 1 week AI vacation in January. They have never been away before and I love to travel so naturally I want to take them to Punta Cana as it is one of my favorites. I haven’t actually purchased a resort or airline tickets yet due to the fact I need to co-ordinate their vacation times through work…however I need really good suggestions on how to “wrap” this gift.

An idea I was toying with was giving clues to a scavenger hunt type thing where the gift certificates would be wrapped in a bottle of suntan lotion at the end. I don’t know.

I am not very creative at these sorts of things, so any suggestions, ideas, or quirky thoughts are welcomed as I would like to make this a very special Christmas for them both. Thanks in advance everyone, and Merry Christmas!!!


Ask your travel agent to type up a banner …That’s what we did last year and wrapped it on bottom of Christmas tree…


if they need luggage you could always buy them a suitcase each and put the certificates inside, or buy a couple of tanning sessions and have the certificates on the beds.


I think your idea is very creative. A scavenger hunt is a great idea. You could leave little clues wrapped up in $ store items such as:sunglasses, rain poncho, flip-flops, sarong, bug repellent, thermal mug, etc. You could also leave the ticket inside a spanish-english dictionary. I found a map of the Dominican Republic at my local bookstore. You could wrap a travel tote in that. Sounds like you have it all under control. Good luck with the scheduling and have a terrific time!

PS-Will you adopt me?


Have a good friend of yours call them and pretend that they are on the beach in the DR. Make sure he knows a little about them (prefs in drinks etc) and lead them along, then at the end he announces that they are going to the beach (courtesy of you).
Someone with a gift of the gab would be the best.


What about the tickets tucked in a basket of coconuts and other island fruits??? :slight_smile:


wow, all great ideas so far…keep 'em coming!!

I still have some time to paln this, so I welcome any ideas at all…who knows maybe a combination of all the ideas, and really have them running around! hahaha


I’m a big fan of scavenger hunts. Several years ago we started a Christmas morning hunt in part to stop the race to open presents. It now takes them about 4 hours to track down the gifts. We don’t put little gifts along the way but that’s kind of a clever idea for your gift. Depending on how well they know the location of the hunt, it can be quite fun (and challenging). We make the kids go to neighbor’s houses and dig through the snow, etc. If you wanted it to be shorter, you could put a letter on the back of each found clue and see if they can solve a jumble with the words Dominican Republic. Just some ideas.

What a nice thing to do for your mother and sister.


I like Mommacat’s idea. Purchase a wrap, straw hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, put them and the certificates in a beach bag along with a large photo of a resort with a prominent beach picture and wrap it up. I wish someone would give me a present like that!!!


You could also do a reverse scavanger hunt so they won’t hany clue as to what is at the end. Buy gloves, touques, etc… anything that they would need to stay warm in the winter. Have the hunt end at your house, have the last clue say something like “you won’t need anything you’ve collected where you are going” and have the gc’s in the suntan lotion or suitcase, whatever you choose. Then serve some cervezas or margs to really get them into the spirit of it all.

What a great gift you are giving them, and I too would like to be adopted. :wink: Let us know how it goes.


Wow, with all my new adopted family I may have to sell my house to pay for Christmas this year…hahaha.

Terrific ideas, so hard to choose from them all. As far as the nice gift to my mom and sister goes, I figure it’s the least I can do for them, they deserve to be spoiled once in a while. Besides I have somewhat of a hidden agenda…it gives me an excuse for another trip, because I need to go with them to make sure they are safe during their trip! :sunglasses: