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Cigar purchase near Bahia Principe

Hello to all, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I will be staying and the Bahia Principe and would like to purchase some cigars before I go to bavaro plaza which is where i buy my cigars to take back home. I usually do my cigar purchases later on in the week but would like some to puff on before I do this. I was a little spoiled as i stayed at the palladium palace (4x) and could walk to El cortocito to the cigar shop to get my vanilla chicas or roubustos. I’m looking for someplace that is walking distance from the bahia Principe. Does the shopping area along the beach sell cigars and are they any good? Thanks in advance.


We will also staying in the Bahia complex,and were wondering this as well. Also is the bulk of the shopping in El Cortocito, and how much would a cab cost each way? Thanks in advance for any advice.


Don Lucas or Domenico cigars ([809] 552 1414 / [809] 772 6873) are the best spots, see them made and sample a good cigar.

Both near cortecito, call them they will pick you up and return you otherwise it is about $25 each way by cab.

Hi Cobra99, this will be our 8th trip back to punta cana and i would say that bavaro plaza has better shopping than el corticito. There is a cigar shop in the middle of the plaza where i have purchased my cigars to take back with me. i found the cigars at the cigar manufacturing shop in el corticito are very nice when you smoke them there but found they would dry out and crack when i got back home (Calgary) even in a humidor. Which is why are started to buy them from the cigar shop in bavaro plaza. I like the don rouge cigars that are sold there.


Is Bavaro Plaza close by?


not sure. I know it is walking distance from the palladium palace and princess caribe. Hopefully someone will be able to answer that for us.


No, it’s not close to Bahia Principe. If your trip is only to get cigars, the taxi cost might not be worth it. I’d look into wud’s suggestion about having one of the cigar companies pick you up. wud knows his cigars and if he recommends …

I do not have Don Lucas Cigars phone number but they along with Domenico’s will pick you up and take you back and their products are superior to any I have ever seen or smoked in Punta Cana, this is the best option, if I find the phone number I will post.

Thanks Wud, i appreciate it. I just sent an email to the punta cana showroom to see if they would deliver an order for me. I hate going cigar hunting the first day(s) of the holiday, i usually save that for later on. I usually buy what i need for my friends and myself to get us through the 2 week holiday. I’ll provide an update on their response.


You are welcome, write down the phone number and call if needed when you are there.

Enjoy your vacation

Thanks WUD and Riderfan for all of the suggestions. We were thinking of making a day of shopping around corticito, and I’m sure we will stumble into one of these cigar shops in our travel.


If your looking for a few cigars to carry you over until you get to Corticito, there is a shop in the resort that sell cigars. I 'm not sure what they carry, but I did see it there.
You will enjoy the Bahia.

thanks garym. I’m looking forward to it, 41 days and counting.


Thanks garym, I think I saw a photo of a cigar shop there. Riderfan, We will be down there on the 17th and will let you know what is available around Bahia, and prices when we get back.

Cobra99, that would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to the update.