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Cigarettes in the DR are they cheap?

Are cigarettes any cheaper in the DR and do they carry major brands or should my friend be sure to stock up before he gets there?


Hi Susan,

I have found various brands there…but sometimes they “taste” different than here in the USA.

I buy my “cheap generic” brand that I smoke before I leave…and take 2 cartons with me…

Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

We were in Punta Cana in March 2008; smokes (American brands) were 5$US a pack.
Just as as suggestion why not get them at duty free when leaving the country. Pretty sure they end up costing less than 5$us a pack at Duty free.
BTW Smoking is bad for you ;D :wink:

There’s a reason for that. It may be a US brand name on the package, but if you look closely you’ll note that they were manufactured in the DR. BTW, some of the inexpensive local brands are reported to be quite good.

In 2000 they were $8 a carton!Now,if you shop around $25,I quess they nare following prices in U>S>

Thanks! I know smoking is bad for you, I quit October 28th after 35 years!! ( I started young ;D). This info was for my friend taveling with us.

I paid $5/pack for Marlboro lights at the vendors on the beach…paid $30 carton at the mall we visited just outside of the Edenh resort…pretty damn cheap if you ask me!:slight_smile:

In November 2007 I bought Marlboro lights for 35.00 a carton from the vendors by the beach. You have to do quite a little talking to get that price.

I will bring my own from the res: at $15.00 per carton

Smokes are not cheap in the DR.

A few weeks ago the cheapest my husband found was 900 pesos for a cartoon of Marlboros.

They used to sell them for 10$.

In the past the vendors asked “how much in Canada?” and since them they have upped their prices.

Better to bring yours from home.

The duty free shop at the airport had Marlboro for $24 per carton, $46 for 2 cartons, and $96 for 5 cartons. Of course this is on the way out of the D.R. Be careful because the non-duty free retail store at the airport has the same Marlboros for $30 per carton.

In the hotels…$5 per pack
On the beach…$30 per catron if you bargain.

I found a cigar/smoke shop in Corticito in Feb 2008 that gave them to me for $27. u.s. - a carton, i imagine you will find them anywhere from that up to $35. u.s. -

I am Canadian, but like American cigarettes, so when I am away it is a treat to buy my Marlboro Lights, and the price also beats our $12.00 +/-, cost per package…one would think I would quit right…