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I am going to Punta Cana in March and was wondering about cigarettes. Do they have american brands there and how are the prices. Not sure if I should take a carton down with me or buy when I get there. Thanks.


There is a no-smoking policy in the DR, but if you have to have one there is duty assigned to each pack that you bring into the country. Duty is $10 for each pack that you bring in. This would be the best time in your life to quit.

[b]This is absolutely “incorrect” air charters sell liquor and cigarettes on board and they can be brought into the DR with no problems.
Please do not post invalid information.



There are many resorts that I have found that have a non-smoking section while you eat at the restaurant.To buy American brand of the dreaded weed you can always go to the vendors at the beach a haggle over a good price per carton. :sunglasses:


I always bring a carton, and a few loose packs, of smokes wiith me…buy them at duty free before we leave Canada.
They do have “American” cigarettes there, but they are made in Santo Domingo…only the name is American…not the tobacco.
Ihighly doubt there is a nonsmoking policy there, or a $10 duty on each pack…infact, I have found the Dominican Republic to be a smokers paradise!


Cigarettes in the DR are around $1.50 US per pack of National Brand and $2 US for so called American Brands (Marlboro, Marlboro Lights, Winston and Winston LIghts) but they are made inthe DR and do not taste like Americano. Do as KaosandMe says buy them before you leave at duty free or at your nearest reserve.

Where Mac got the information is unknown to me and is definitely wrong.


The info is wrong but wouldn’t it be nice if it were true!! :smiley:


I think maybe Mac was being “funny” I take it he is not a smoker. I quit almost four months ago and am very worried that I’ll start when i get to the DR. I hope not. But, I cant see myself on the beach with a Cerveza in one hand and nothing in the other. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. This will be my first trip as a non-smoker :o :o :o :o :o :o



You will just have to have a beer in each hand to keep them both busy!

When you get the urge chew gum, brush your teeth, tell yourself you will have one in 5 mins. You may have to do this one 45 times a day.

I quit 19 years ago and I still dream about it. Sometimes when I am watching a movie where they are smoking, I get to watching them smoking so much, I loose track of what is happening in the movie!!

It will be hard in the DR, it feels like everyone is a smoker there. But just keep your resolve to stay a nonsmoker. If you feel the urge to start, just take out a $10 bill and burn it!!! It will remind you of how much you are saving.

have a great holiday


I am a non smoker so it helps to pay for the ticketS to the DR. However, I buy a couple dozen of small vanilla cigars and have them thru the year at home. It’s the only time I smoke.


When I was at The Bavero Princess, It was $1.00 for a pack of Marlboro Lights :wink:
I went to the Lobby Bar and always tipped a $1.00 :wink:
$2.00 bucks for a pack of cigarettes :o You can’t go wrong ::slight_smile:


$2 in November


CIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: I knew they were cheap. Here in canada it’s over 10.00$
Thanks for all the support. Your right lillebelle, I’ll have to have a beer in both hands. LOL
I KNOW I’m doing the right, healthy thing. But, it will be hard in the DR. When I think of the DR I think of relaxation. And that means drinks and ciggs and wearing a bathingsuit all day. lol


[quote author=cin board=general thread=1137214430 post=1137416141]When I was at The Bavero Princess, It was $1.00 for a pack of Marlboro Lights :wink:
I went to the Lobby Bar and always tipped a $1.00 :wink:
$2.00 bucks for a pack of cigarettes :o You can’t go wrong ::slight_smile:


$2 in November[/quote]

I didn’t know that you smoked Cin. When I read the second comment about a no smoking poicy in the DR, I thought…it can’t be, I was just there in July and there was smoking going on.

I am a social smoker and definitely smoke when I am away on vacation. I am glad that they don’t allow smoking in most closed in restaurants. And I would never smoke in my room.

I only smoke Craven Menthols so I bring about 4 packs to last me for the week. I won’t smoke anything else. I bring a lot because I don’t want to run out but I end up bring some back.

If you are not picky with cigarettes, just buy them in the DR, it’s cheap!


We just came back and my wife bought a carton of Marlboro Lights and she paid 470 pesos(13.82 US).


Do they carry alot of American brands and do they have menthol? Thanks for all the info.


At Paradisus in PC, they give out FREE cigarettes at all the bars (Marlboro Regular and Lights). I hardly used the duty-free cigs that I bought before leaving.
However, I found that even their “lights” are strong.

If you tip enough, the bartenders will even slip you a couple of packs.


Yeah … I have the filty habit also! Just got back from LTI this past week … lots of cigarettes … I always buy mine from the vendors on the beach because you can get them cheaper. On the resort Malboros were $2.00 US per pack - $20.00 U.S. per cartoon. Vendors sold them for $13.00 - $15.00 per cartoon depending on how much you love to haggle on price. :slight_smile: