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Cigars/Bahia Punta Cana


8-)Is there a cigar shop at the Bahia Punta Cana…


Yes, it is at the back of the Square opposite end from the stage. Lot’s to choose from, fair prices.


How about the quality? Last year we stayed at a different resort and the Sunquest rep. told us that he could arrange to have someone pick us up at the resort and takes us to their showroom. We did not do this, but we picked some up on our day trip (the quality was so, so…)

If they are good quality cigars, I’d rather just buy them there if the price is good. I know Senor Wud has a link to “domenicocigars” in another thread. Are these available at Bahia?



Domenico’s only, over 90% of what they make is exported. Quality is “great” but I will tell you they arent cheap…god cigars at not cheap.


Do you know if they sell Domenicos at Bahia Principe or only at their showroom? If I need to go to the showroom, is taxi the best way to get there, if so roughly how much does it cost to get there and back?


Go to their website. find the phone number and call, they will come and pick you up.
I will not post the number but it is there for you to find.



Thanks for your help!