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Cigars FAQ

Dominican cigars are also some of the finest rolled anywhere. You will find a lot of vendors that sell cigars in their stores, on the beach or on the streets.

Be very careful as there are a lot of fakes out there, many second quality made from scraps and sweepings.

The best come from the area around the growing fields in Villa Gonzales to the historical town of Tamboril outside of Santiago.

Just do a google search for Dominican cigars and you will see many places where you can order online and what the real prices are for these. Then when someone on the beach asks you for $50 for a box of you will know they are fakes. A decent cigar will cost at least $4 US.


Spots I would recommend for authentic cigars are as follows.

North Coast, Cafe Cito, Canadian Tim Hall carries a decent selection of real Dominican cigars.

Santiago has many cigar shops where rolling is done, I personally deal with a good friend Luis aka “Hillbilly”.

South Coast in San Pedro de Macoris there are a number of ma and pa operations that tours will take you to.

East Coast in Cortecito (Punta Cana) I recommend Domenico Cigars,(809) 552-1414 they will pick you up for a tour.
watch them be rolled at their showroom in behind Plaza Brisas, on Calle Espana. There also is a cigar/jewellry store adjacent to Pollo Restaurant in this Plaza.
Another good spot is Don Lucas Cigars on Calle Marcio Maggiolo phone
809-552-1423, they will pick you up and give you a tour.

Stay away from the duty free cigars, they are expensive and IMHO are suspect as to their genuinity.

remember a good cigar is not cheap.

Data reviewed June 26, 2010.