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Cigars-I have to post this-somewhat embarassing but

I had a friend go to Cuba about three weeks ago, I asked him to buy me a box of Partagus Series D #4
I told him, only by them from the resort store. No matter what anyone else tells you, only the store and get a receipt. So he did, got a receipt, all the stickers are good, the cigars look and smell good, no questions at customs, but they are not real. They burn down the side, and the draw is really difficult, not just one, I’ve had three, and a buddy who also got a box has had the same problem. I don’t know what the answer is other than smoke them right in Cuba. I’ve been sold fakes before that I lit and tried to smoke in Cuba and brought back to the hotel cigar store and they replace them and apologize, but if your bringing back a couple of boxes it’s not like you can test them all. These were bought on a Cayo so no government store was available. Any cigar smokers out there with ideas?

Gosh that’s terrible. My friend brings home about $1000 worth of all different kinds of cigars when we go, and we bring some of them for him because personal of the limit. He has emailed the resort and asked them to give his list to the cigar shop. The hotel shop doesn’t carry what he wants so he gave the list to the man at the Pueblo Estrella shop. I sure hope that his are not fake. He does this every year and so far so good.

This was in the Cayo Coco/Guillermo area

Which resort did the switch to fakes?


[quote=@cheersterry]Which resort did the switch to fakes?


You think I should post that? I wasn’t sure that’s why I left the name out

[quote=@iggy1][quote=@cheersterry]Which resort did the switch to fakes?

Terry[/quote]You think I should post that? I wasn’t sure that’s why I left the name out

I think you should let us know which resort it was. I know I’d want that info to avoid a similar situation from happening to me.

I don’t agree with ever naming specific individuals, but a resort or a hotel or a company or a airline or etc. etc. etc.?.. No problems.

If you know for sure they did a switch then, “name and shame.”


There is no question they are fakes, and the box, the receipt and the cigars all look fine, but you never get a whole box, and we got two, that are no good, maybe the odd one slips through but I am a Partagus smoker so I know a real one from a fake
It was Melia Cayo Guillermo
We are having a couple of them examined by a cigar shop owner downtown who is somewhat of an expert

Melia is a very reputable hotel chain. I would hope that management would investigate. Seems there could be a problem with the supply chain for the cigars sold in their shop. OTHO, maybe they just won’t care. In some places, fleecing tourists seems to have become part of the “game”. Thanks for the heads up! Any other places to buy your cigars on Cayo Guillermo?

iggy1…did you contact the hotel? I know they are not responsible for this and that the store is not run my Melia but it would do the hotel a disservice not to inform them of has taken place. That way they can send it to the proper channels. I know there were some issues with the store at Iberostar Ensenachos(not cigars) and when it was posted in a review what was going on, the GM reported it and there have been no further issues. Might be worth a try after all you are likely not the only one. Just a thought!

Thanks Sunlover, the problem is I wasn’t the guest, it was someone else who went, although I have been there.
I hesitate to say anything to the person who brought them back because he’s going to think we mistrust him and that is far from the truth, he was nice enough to use his duty free for us.
Funny thing is, he told me earlier this week he may go back for another two weeks later this spring.

often management will review the review sites and forums and gather valuable information. Other times, and I have done it myself they have guests supply them with posting information so they can support their client’s needs and also find where there are issues. some resorts allow their customer service people to do this, others do not allow them access to the forums and internet