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We are thinking of going to Panama for our spring vacation in March to 2 weeks. Has anyone done the 4 day city and the 7 days at the resort? If so do you have any hotel/resort recommendations. These are package tours.


Hi Kelley, we too are booked for the 10/4 split but unfortunately not till the end of March. I will be looking forward to YOUR input! LOL.
I am just starting to peruse what to do in Panama, safely! Let me know what you come up with…
I’m thinking it would be nice to do a dinner out somewhere and get a taste of Panama (other than resort), of course the canal, trying to get courage up to maybe catch a cab and head off to the other mall that is not connected. Not sure if i feel comfortable enough to venture into “old Panama” but have seen some very nice pic’s that look as if they are taken across the waters from the city. Anyway, let me know what your thinking. Have a great trip!



If you decide to go into old Panama, go by cab, perhaps recommended by the hotel. When we were in Panama three years ago we took a taxi from our resort to visit the canal and do some sightseeing.

We were told by the taxi driver that there are some ‘bad areas’ in old Panama city. He took us through a very small section. Told us we are best to be where the ‘turista’ police are.



Thanks Bebbie, i thought it would be nice to offer the cabbie some monies (how much do you recall) to take us on a little tour around and get some photos. This would be a huge huge step for me to “break out of the norm” lol. Resorts i’m looked after… I’m a cautious chicken i guess.



We took a taxi from the Decameron. We had the cab for as long as we wanted. We were quoted a price of about eighty dollars I believe. Of course we tipped the driver - about twenty or twenty-five and offered to buy him lunch. He declined lunch, but let us buy him a pop.

He took us up a top of a hill to view old and new Panama city. It’s not a place large tour buses can go. So that was a bonus.



Yes, there are some areas of Panama that you need to be careful. When we were sightseeing on one of our earlier trips with our friends we went through a neighborhood (not sure where it was) and my friend told me to keep our hands down where our jewerly and watches could not be seen through the windows. (Of course there are areas in the US where you probably have to do the same thing). Also I really enjoyed visiting old Panama, but we did that on our first trip and I know my friends said there are areas around there now where tourist have to be careful.
Reading the post about getting taxis and sightseeing (and the cost of them) makes me realize how fortunate I am to have friends that take us all over. We have taken taxis with them in the city to get from there house to the mall or other places & taken the bus to get to and from the resort when they had to work and I enjoy that because it makes me feel like I am experiencing real life in Panama. Now that we have been so many times, I do feel comfortable taking buses and taxis on my own if necessary to get places but its more fun with my friends.
Wow, Bebbie- only 2 months 5 days til Panama. Aren’t you fortunate? I am counting down til March, especially since the weather is getting colder here in Kentucky. I have been chatting with some of the guys at the resort and they said it is hot. Actually yesterday they said it was “mucho, mucho calor!!”. Oh I miss that heat.

I am still planning on posting a new map to the resort whenever I find where I put it. (I am so disorganized).



Hi lynnb, we are also not going until the end of March? We have not booked yet, we are still deciding where to stay. We are thinking of going to the Gamboa Rainforst resort(for sure) for the 4 days and then go to Playa Blanca or Demcareron

Where are you staying?


Hey, thanks Vyro & Bebbie. I really want to give the cab a try. I thought for sure we may take it to the canal say on the first day, then maybe will feel a bit more confident to venture a bit farther. Now after hearing you paid a cab to take you to Panama, I thought it was included in the 10/4 we are doing… will have to check on that.

Hi Kelley, yes to the end of march. we leave Toronto on the 26th and are going to the Decameron for the 10 days, then off to Panama City!! We are going with 2 other couples but they are sun worshippers and want to stay at the resort and bake. that’s cool for them. DH and I thought it would be nice to check out Panama itself (and as you have read, not sure how far i’m going into the city just yet… lol)
Let us know what you have planned, we are a wee bit older, but still enjoy having fun!!



Just to clarify - we stayed at the resort the whole time. We grabbed the taxi from there to see Panama City. I would suggest you do this when in Panama City. It should be a lot cheaper. You figure the taxi had to take us into Panama City and then back to the resort.



thanks bebbie, i’m pretty sure that there is a bus that takes us from the resort to the radisson.
Can you tell i’m getting anxious? but so very far away yet before we go…


Hi lynnb, we are still in the deciding stages as to where we will stay. We would like to stay st the Gamboa for the first 4 days then stay at either Decameron or Playa Blanca.

Does any know how far Gamboa is from Decarmeron and how much is may cost to take a cab? this is not included with the package.



If I am not mistaken Gamboa is in Panama City and therefore is about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs from Decameron or Playa Blanca. I think a cab may be a little expensive but you may be able to get a bus cheaper.



The Gamboa is approx. 45 minutes from Panama City and the Decameron is approx 1 hour further away from Panama. The Gamboa is definitely worth going, as we’ve already booked our second trip there, for this coming February.

But go to the Gamboa with an opened mind… no beach, but a beautiful large pool… no animation team, but LOT’S to see and beautiful people.

Our pic’s and review of the Gamboa: http://www.worldisround.com/articles/283009/index.html