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Close to Puerto Plata?

Hi everyone, Im thinking of booking an AI in July instead of flying down and staying with my friend. With the price of airfare right now it might be my best bet...Im just wondering which resorts or resort areas ie: Playa Dorada, are closest to Puerto Plata where my friend lives? The last time I was there I stayed at the bahia Principe which is pretty far away, so I didn`t really get to see where the other resorts are …Just trying to figure it all out, hoping that I can get a good deal either way with Airfare or an AI…maybe last minute would be best in this case?

The Iberostar, Marien or any of the resorts in the Playa Dorada complex would all fit.

Yes, all of those resorts are with 5 or so minutes from Purto Plata.

Thanks Bob, I can always count on you for an answer :slight_smile: You too Jahaira, I thought that Playa Dorada was the closest but I didnt realise that it was that close.Im going to help out a friend who is working with street kids and families in poor areas. I was going to pay for my airfare and give her a small amount for food and transportation etc… but with flights being so high right now and the Can./US exchange being crappy, it looks like an AI may be my best bet…

You didn’t say where about’s in Puerto Plata your friends live, there are also some hotels on the west side in Cofresi, Costambar(sp?).

I still stay in AI’s when I go but I spend many days and nights away from the hotel staying with various friends and their families. Call me a spoilt traveller if you will but I do like to go back to the hotel for running HOT water, last time I was in PP there had been no running water for over a week and everyone was relying on the collected rain water to wash etc and while I can wash/shower (throw water at myself) with cold water I do like warm from time to time! ;D

Cheers and good luck Amandalou :-*