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Club Ambiance, Jamaica

Has anyone stayed here? Would love to hear some feedback

Jamaica is on of the places on my list to visit. Never had a chance to go and I would really like so must start looking :slight_smile:

I can recommend Negril for you. Giving Runaway bay a shot but OMG! with some of the feedback I am getting on TA…OMG have to ask what have I done. Not sure if it is a situation where you have people who have been going for years and years and years, then new Management comes along and favorite Staff have left and now nothing but sour grapes.
Gawd only knows we have all heard the song and dances about some resorts in Cuba and you go and end up having the time of your life. We just want a quiet vacation where we can get naked on the beach, veggy out and forget about the real world. Needless to say I will let you know what it was like.


I have been to both Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica in the last three years. Plan to go again to Negril in January, 2018 and will stay at the Grand Pineapple Resort. Any questions about Jamaica, I will try to answer for you.

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Stayed at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton for a wedding, great resort, visited Negril on a day trip it was nothing to write home about.

Visited the GPLH and yes indeed the resort is very impressive which makes sense for sure with the price they are asking. Most definitely a 5 star with all the bells and whistles and impressive selection of top shelve liquor which Hubby and I indulged in (yes we are naughty sneaking into resorts like that…love it). Given the size of the resort yes I could see you believing that the Seven mile beach is not that impressive, but honestly it would do my head in staying at the GPLH. Way too many people and many so very pretentious.
Just as well there are different strokes for different folks.
If I was to splurge then I would recommend the Riu Tropical Palace, it was fancy enough but a more a warm, down to earth feeling to it.

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Ooops forgot, my review is up on TA for the Club Ambiance, any questions will do my best to answer.

Feel free to post short review for us as well :slight_smile: http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/jamaica/ambiance.html

I would be happy to post my review here however, I don’t care for the format/control.:grin:

Sorry that sounded snotty, not my intension. The following is my take on the CA.

Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate

Club Ambiance - June 09th to 16th 2017

I would like to Thank Gellian Riley (email bookings@clubambiancejamaica.com) for answering my emails and surprising my Husband and I with Honeymoon suite # 15. Your efforts were very much appreciated.

Bus ride to Club Ambiance (2 stops) took 1hr & 15 min.

We were greeted by receptionist Sean who has the most wonderful smile and were given a nice cool drink and then taken to our room by Leroy. The suite had a lovely veranda, private French door entrance with a mini garden, table and chairs and view of the ocean. The suite itself had loads of room with a King sized bed, two TV’s (one above the bed) two couches, large walk in closet with free key lock safe and iron/board, good sized bathroom with two sinks, toilet, separate shower and tub with shower, loads of drawers, coffee maker and empty mini fridge.
The air conditioner worked great, but was very loud. Most of the towels provided are worn out, have disgusting stains and need a good boiling with detergent and bleach or, better yet cut up and used for rags.

The hotel itself is very tired and has seen better days, none of this is the fault of the Staff and General Manager (Gilbert Blackwood) who happens to be a gem of a man and will turn himself inside out to resolve issues, especially when working with barebones.

As a general rule my Husband and I travel in low season, as the hotels tend to be quieter and don’t have as many people around. The biggest draw card Club Ambiance had for us is that it is a gated, private, Adults only resort with the freedom to go Nude on the beach, and there are no beach vendors.

The beach itself is man made and is fortressed off from the open ocean with very large rocks. In a sense it is more of a lagoon, the water only reaches your knees, so we had a great time on our water floaters and it was nice to drift off to sleep and not worry about being carried off by the current. Beyond the rocks is good for snorkelling and fishing.
Because the lagoon area is so small it really does need to be dredged out big time. We were the only ones using the beach/ocean, which was a total blessing, because there is not much to it. It was like having our own private oasis all to ourselves and we loved it.
If there were other Guests using the Lagoon, it would be like a bunch of Adults sharing a toddlers wading pool. We really enjoyed being visited by Pelicans, Cranes and other tropical birds.
The beach loungers are in dire need of scrubbing and fabric being stretched and or, replaced. We brought our own Yoga mats and beach towels and were real glad of it.
It was so nice not having to get up at the crack of dawn to reserve our special spot on the beach and just to chill out and relax.

The odd time we did receive beach service, which was very much appreciated.
As a general rule the service at the hotel was very laid back.
We were thrilled when Princess and Karen delivered Jamaican Patties to us on the beach. A huge Thank-you to Sweetheart Burchell (Sales & Marketing Manager), for making these arrangements.
The Buffet did not have much of a selection of food, but what they did have was very tasty. Zerry-Ann’s jerk chicken and curried goat were to die for; my taste buds were doing a dance. The curried chicken, Southern fried chicken and hamburgers were also very good.
I can assure you Zerry-Ann and kitchen supervisor Mama could rattle chains in any of Gordon Ramsay’s competitions. My Husband and I were gutted when the Buffet was taken away and replaced with a pathetic, limited menu with obvious leftovers.

It did not help either that the only bar opened had a limited selection of alcohol and ran out of Rum, Jamaican Rum Cream and tomato juice. This problem was resolved, but is definitely an issue with an All Inclusive package.

The hotel has the worst water issues we have ever had to endure in 44 All-inclusive vacations (Cuba, Mexico, Dominican, Jamaica). Several times we had to ask for the water to be turned back on and for hot water, this did not help at night because no bottled water is provided if you get thirsty and you can’t wash your hands or, flush the toilet. The lack of water did reflect the quality of cleaning within our room.

I am grateful to Gilbert Blackwell and the Sunwing Representative -Tresan, for being so understanding and providing us some compensation.

We would consider returning to this hotel when the New Owners take over.

I would like to thank the following Staff for their service: Karen, Nikki, Philip, Kedesha, Milton, Michael, Fiona, Chris the Coconut man, Ocean and the Security Guards.