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Club Amigo Guardalavaca

We leave this Monday March 9 for this property. Never been to Cuba before, excited about it. Reviews vary on here. That’s ok as anywhere is better than here in PEI. Sick of winter.
I will give my full report when we get back. I know I’ll love it as I am not that hard to please. If anyone has any good advice or info pls let me know…
Adios ;D

Try to take the ‘Train’ ride to the countryside. I take it every time I go to that area.
The cost is / was 10 CUC pp for about 3-4 hours of sightseeing and commentary.

Go to the seafood restaurant at the other end of the beach. (you’ll understand when you see it…). Go there in the daytime to make reservations and learn the route home. Take a flashlight. With the full moon next week you should be OK but take a light anyway. Not too many street lights in that area.


To avoid waiting at the buffett go for breakfast early & dinner late.

Thanks for info. We will check out the restaurant for sure… :slight_smile: