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Club Amigo Guardalavaca


Headed here on April 6 with Holasun! Been a while since I have been to Cuba, about 2 1/2 years ago. I have been to this resort before (about 9 years ago) any tips or idea as to which part of the resort Holasun has a block of rooms? Which a la carte is best? Any other information I should know? Thank you!


No idea on Holasun blocks, sorry. When we were there, we were assigned a Gardenview and the room we had was absolutely awful (uninhabitable for humans). We paid 140 CUC to upgrade to a Villa room which was very nice (actually awesome room) after waiting in line for a room change. There were quite a few unhappy people.

I have heard that the rooms were renovated since then but we won’t be returning to find out. You might want to take some extra money in case you need it. We spent most of our time on the public beach and paid for the beer. We saw a lot of people walking out of the a la cartes when they got their food. Buffets were definitely better.

Overall, it was the worst experience we’ve had in Cuba. I hope that things have changed for the better. good luck.


Thats why they have some great deals on maybe…lol.

I was looking out of Halifax…$295 for a week on April 8th, was tempted to book!

I am headed to Brisas soon, so will probably wander over to check it out for myself, as there are always great deals to the CLub Amigo!


If you can get a Villa room at a great price, I’d take it. Gardenview NO. Hotel section maybe but not for me. For a great price, I will line up for a drink and buffet.

The reason I used the public beach was that a local Cuban was selling beer for just about the same price as you had to tip to get service at the AI bar. No brainer for me since it was a 5 min wait at the AI bar plus a 5 min walk and the public bar was a few feet away.

I did walk through Brisas - as far as they would allow me to and it looked nice. The reality is that it’s hard to tell from a walk-through whether the food is good or bad. The beach at Brisas was much, much nicer.