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Club Ancon email address, etc

Does anyone have an email address for Club Ancon near Trinidad? I didn’t find one in Debbie’s directory. Also, does anyone know if there is transportation from the resort to Trinidad? Any snorkelling at the resort? Sorry, but the reviews haven’t been too helpful.

I don’t have an email address for the Ancon, but I know that you can easily get a taxi or local bus to Trinidad.
If you walk a bit of the way up the beach, and then out into the water a bit there is snorkelling…They would give you directions at the desk.



We did snorkel off of the beach, but there was nothing to see. This was rated a 2 star when we were there a couple of years ago. One of our least favourite Cuban resorts.

We did a tour into Trinidad. It was well worth the trip.

It was like “Beat the Clock” at breakfast to get a cofffee mug. There are a lot of people who only stay a day or 2. They were trying to eat breakfast in a hurry a catch a bus to their next resort.

Not all bars were included with our all-inclusive.