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Club Diamond at GBP Tulum

I know there are many fans of the Gran Bahia Tulum here. Do any of you who have been know anything about the “exclusive” section of this resort? I know the GBPT is HUGE (which is not to our liking) but I am wondering if this club would be more intimate. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. travelchick

Hi travelchick, we never stayed on that side of the resort, but I did wander over one day to check it out. They have their own pool and it is like you are at another resort actually. It’s quite nice, plus you are just a short walk or trolly ride to the rest of the resort ;).

Jake, eh

Hi Jake, Thanks for the reply. As I remember, you are one of the biggest fans of the GBPT. ;D Is the beach really wonderful there? Do they have palm trees or just palapas? We are totally beach people. And is Akumal the closest town or can one get to Playa del Carmen pretty easily? I just don’t know the area well at all… travelchick

Right you are about the Bahia Nut travelchick, actually I think I was the first one to use the title :D, but there have been plenty since then, who have joined the club ;).
As far as the beach goes, right in front of the Diamond Club is quite rocky, then as you move along toward the Tulum section it gets “gooder”. Also the beach bar & grill are located at the Tulum section (best ribs, chicken and burgers going ;D). If you continue along the beach toward Akumal section, you will pass the dive/water recreation area. There is a dock you can swim off in front of the Akumal section with tons of fish to see. There is also another beach bar set up just past the dock. In front of Tulum, there are some of the man-made reefs (huge sand bags) to keep the water a little calmer, they are fun to climb up on, “if” you can manage it. The best beach runs from the Tulum section over to and in front of the Akumal. There are no palm trees, but loads of palapas along the beach.
Yes Akumal is quite close, and it is about 1/2 hr drive in a Collectivo to get into PDC. It only costs $2US to go to PDC, or it can be upwards of $40US to take a cab… :o.

Jake, eh

Club Diamond gives you your own check in area, your own pool with bar and the Mexican Restaurant for breakfast is only for club diamond and VIP guests (VIP are repeat guest). The beach in that area is not swimable as Jake said but just a short walk and you have all the beach you want. Any more questions ask away. I like Jake am a Bahia Nut. (14 times)

Good to have TWO nuts from whom to glean info! ;D Thanks, guys!
That is not good news about the water in front of the Diamond section… However, can you give me an estimate about how long a walk it is from the Diamond section to the end of GBT’s property (past the Akumal section)? I’d like to get an idea how big this place really is. :stuck_out_tongue: Since we would be going for ten days I think that the number/variety of activities, restaurants, bars would be a definite plus so we don’t get bored. We love a small resort but this may be one time we bite the bullet and “go big”. :smiley: I like the thought of the cheap collectivo to PDC. Gotta love that town. It is so much fun.

travelchick, as terry stated, it is just a short walk, no more than 2-3 minutes and you would be able to enter the water. To walk the whole beach from Diamond to Akumal (end to end), depending if you are a power walker, or just out for a nice walk…maybe 20 minutes if you take your time.
Have you seen any of the maps available of the layout? There is also an areal photo which shows the whole beach (Akumal to the left and Diamond to the right).

Jake, eh

WOW, 20 minutes?! :o This is one big resort! I would love to check out the maps. Where are they? Thanx. travelchick

I’ll have a took-a-look and drop you a PM as soon as I find them.

Jake, eh

Jake, you are a prince among men! Thanks for the p.m.'s. ;D travelchick

Aww shucks, as if me head wasn’t already big enough already… :wink:
No Problem, glad I could help. You find others on here who like to share their experiences too.

Jake, eh

Hey Jake, We are repeat BP customers, but we haven’t been at this one in the Mayan Riviera. Does that mean that we might be VIP? We really enjoyed the Diamond section last year in Punta Cana. Which villas are the Diamond villas on the map?

If you email the resort and let them know, you will get the "VIP treatment…it’s actually quite nice. The Diamond section is the buildings to the far right, if you are looking up from the beach…numbers 43-49 maybe, not really sure, but I do know they are in the 40’s.

Jake, eh