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Co-worker needs suggestions

My co-worker has just told me they are planning on taking their 9 and 11 year old daughters to all-inclusive for the first time. As my kids are older, and I am clueless, what is the best place to go…thanks for your help!!

My girl friend took her 3 boys (8,10, 12) 2 years ago to Ocean Blue and she said they enjoyed it and would take them again if finances allowed.

ocean sand/blue, melia caribe/tropical, majestic colonial, barcelo premium are four family friendly resorts that spring to my mind

As much as I hate to recommend a Breezes chain the kids would LOVE Breezes

There’s also the Holiday Village Golden Beach (offered by Signature only) on the Playa Dorada in Puerto Plata. It’s a family oriented resort that has lots of activities for children. They even have a wave pool and all the activities are supervised.

I checked out the holiday golden village…found them awesome deal - around $2800 for the 4 of them, they went to book it and it is gone. I feel soo sooo bad. Guess Ijust proved to grab it when you see it. There is nothing even close to that for that price to be found anywhere. Will keep looking for them…as mine has been booked since July!!

That is too bad, but there will be another deal out there for them:)

The Club Med in Punta Cana was incredible when we took our kids there a couple of years ago. Their staff blew us away with how they interacted with the kids and kept an eye on them when they were at the Kids Clubs and the resorts grounds, beaches and amenities were wonderful as most Club Med’s are.

Only problem is that you won’t get a vacation for that price at a Cub Med!

I find alot of these places only allow 1 child as well. They are not looking for kids club, they will not leave their kids there…but they want water park, or lazy river, something along that line. Even bowling…mini put. Cuba is an option too…just cannot believe the other place is gone now…thanks for all the suggestions so far.

When does your friend want to leave and from where? Is it Ontario or Quebec March Break?

Is it really gone? SOme tour operators only have a certain blocks given to them when they are sold they they say they are gone. Have you tried another tour operator? Just a thought

As Frodobaggins said, gone may not be gone. Our trip "disappeared"from on line, but our agent got it by calling the tour operator directly. Now; it has since re-appeared on line so who knows the logic. Anyway, it is worth a direct call for sure. Good luck.

If we knew the dates and where they are leaving from we would be better able to help!

HI there, anytime really in February is good for her…more earlier part than later I think…but she is open for anything. Not March cause that is when I am going and she has to hold down the fort…