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We just returned from 2 weeks at the Melia. We had cockroaches in my mom’s room, our room, our room after it had been sprayed, our replacement room…we saw them in two restaurants, and many of the people we spoke to also complained of them.

Now we are home and don’t know what to do. All our luggage is piled in the car, but we don’t want to bring it in the house and risk infestation.

What can we do to protect our home from any little travellers, or ther offspring who may be in our luggage? We can’t keep the car stuffed with luggage for ever…


??? :frowning:


How about opening your luggage outside and shaking out everything. Then inspect your belongings closely. You may not see live roaches, but remember they do lay eggs rampidly. Live ones may not have come home with you, but they may have sent their eggs with you.

Before you bring everything in, spray with a bug spray that says it works on roaches. Roaches are very resilient to pesticides. Be careful though and check the can to make sure you will not damage the surface you are spraying, including your clothing. Don’t forget to spray your car. But again, check the can to make sure you will not damage what you are spraying. Remember to treat your suitcases. If you can use the spray, enclose what you are treating in a big green garbage bag then spray the spray in the bag and seal it up for a time.

If you stepped on roaches in your room with your shoes, be careful. infestations are often caused by stepping on roaches, the eggs get caught in the treads of your shoes, then you track them into your home. The eggs can lay dormant for years so don’t be fooled.

Maybe someone can speak to the question of whether or not the cargo holds of the planes would be cold enough to kill the roaches. But I’ll bet that wouldn’t kill the eggs!! How about calling an exterminator for advice? You local health inspector may have advice too. They deal with roaches all the time.

Good luck. I think it was a good thing to just not bring your luggage into the house until you are sure.

Let us know how it goes


Yep I agree with what advice was offered, we have never had a roach problem but we brought pottery home and voila, the biggest ugliest spider I have ever seen was in there. The cold of the plane did not kill it but my shoe sure did!


That gave me the chills. :o I always leave my suitcases outside for a day or two, but now maybe that is not enough. Will rethink this little problem.