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I came across a “complete cocktails” recipe menu.It’s binded and stands on it own.
I thought when I bought it that it would be a great item to pass on to my favorite bartender. :wink:
My question? Do you think that they would use it? All text is in english and I am sure that there are many ingredients that are not available in Cuba. But I thought that it might be fun for them to try to make some of these. :-/

Doesn’t hurt to try and ask a bartender if they could make you a special cocktail from your book. Though, I think they might want an extra special tip for that.

:-/ I would give them the book to do with it what they choose…below is a link to the book. It is the complete cocktails one.
http://www.randrpublications.com.au/drinks/drinks_individual.html :slight_smile:
Thanks Tammy

I have a pocket sized cocktail book that I’ve considered taking down just so I could try out some of the drinks in it using the Cuban rums. I think I’ll take it next trip and try it out. I don’t think a bartender would mind putting together a requested drink if he has the ingredients. Let’s face it, I’m sure they get pretty bored making the same old same old drinks and would love adding to their “repertoire”. I just wouldn’t do it when the bar is busy. If the bar tender is willing to give it a shot then, as you mentioned, jetpilot, you can bet a tip would be left :slight_smile:

A couple of years ago I brought one down and had them make several drinks from the guide. One bartender asked me if he could have it when I left. As it only cost $8.00 I had no problems leaving it behind.

The one thing to be aware of is that they may not have all the ingrediants in the bars and may offer up subsitutions resulting in a different drink. For example one special coffee called for some sort of nut liqueur (forgot which one) and all the had was a walnut one. Result was fine.

I have brought my own copy with me each time and had it there in case I desired something from it.

A few years ago my daughter went to Cuba with some friends. Two of the women were barmaids and one night they were the only ones left in the bar and once they told the bartenders what they did for a living, they let the girls get behind the bar and mix drinks. Everyone had a great time and the barmen were intrigued by some of the drinks.

seachick…similar thing happened to me on a recent trip.
I looked at what was available behind the bar, came up with a few mixed cocktail recipes on the spot, wrote them down in spanish on Post-it notes and left them with the bartenders! They not only learned to make my drinks, but asked me to get behind the bar and show them a few more.
I think the difference between their ability to make use of a recipe book or not is whether it’s in Spanish or not. It would be a BIG hit if you got them one in Spanish!

Excellent thread, a bartenders handbook would be a great gift. :slight_smile:


Another great gift is one of those big cocktail spoons. Last year we went to our local restaurant supply store and bought about 6 of these and gave them to each of the bartenders. They were very excited. One guy asked me to have one for himself because he said he enters bartending competitions and could use it for that. Of course he got one :slight_smile: