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Coco Loco

Many times on the beach as we get thirsty we buy Coconuts. Coconut water is excellent for the thirsty mouth and has good fats for us. But I personally got tired of having plain coconut water so I would make Coco Loco. To make Coco Loco on the beach you need one nice and big coconut and rum. You can use any rum but for this drink I usually buy Havana Club white rum. So once you buy coconut vendor will open it for you with machete and you drink a bit and and than you pour 200 ml of rum inside and leave it like that for 5 to 10 minutes. After that you will have nice Coco Loco drink and you will not feel rum so strong and coconut water will be much tastier. You will dance on the beach and make more friends!
Here is photo of my Coco Loco and Bucanero:

This is funny: we know a gardener who does this and when you have finished he takes the empty (haha) shell and makes 3 carved ashtrays after removing as much coconut meat as he can. He then pretends to give you one ashtray from your drink, you pay him a cuc even though you gave him a 1-2 cucs for getting the coconut and making the drink. He sells the other 2 to guests who didn’t want the coconut drink. He is the nicest man; and his English is almost non-existent; but I guess he learned the scene from watching his co-workers.

Love Coco Loco, would like to find some Mulato liqueur somewhere up Nort… or maybe under another name?

I like Mulata rum but u see that Zendudette like mulato :wink: and that is ok I understand :slight_smile:

Oops, did I spell that wrong? :S

I think you did it on purpose :wink:

(blush) It’s Mulata (blush again) But then again… (rofl)

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