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Coconut Bay Resort & Spa

Has anyone been to this resort and can comment on it? We are booked for March and I can only find reviews of the place on TripAdvisor. I know it used to be a Club Med and recently renovated. It’s only 5 min. from the airport (which is a main reason why we chose this resort).

Any information and tour suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

ultrasun, we are going in late april to this resort, like you , I can only fing any amount of reviews on trip advisor. The good new is , most of the reviews are positive! As I am sure you know, reviews usually contain some material related to the person who posted them. ( as in personal dislikes , likes etc. ) It seems to me you have to weigh thru all that and consider the majority. Let us know when you get back how you liked it , since we are alredy booked, it won’t change our minds , but a fresh review is the best !!! Enloy your vacation

I will definitely give you a trip report when we return. We’ll be there in early March. Hopefully the weather is beautiful! I’m concerned about being on the Atlantic side though. From what I understand, the water is a little rougher and there is quite a breeze that blows in from the ocean. I’ll have to be sure to pack a light sweater for at night.

Thanks jemik!

ultrasun, jemik:
We will be at the Coconut Bay Resort Feb. 11-18 & will write up a report when back.
Yes, the reviews in Trip Advisor have been very good( they rank it 6 out of 42 hotels in popularity).
It’s 78F down there now…next 5 days ave. temp. will be 82F.I can definitely handle that!!!

Thanks ricko114, I’ll look forward to seeing your impressions of the resort ! Have a ball, I’ll be in Cuba then , enjoying the same temps I hope !

Hi Jemik,

have a safe, enjoyable trip!

Welcome home Ricko114!

I know you don’t arrive home until tomorrow (2/18) but I’m so excited to hear your trip report! We leave in 18 days! I can’t wait!

Hi ultrasun! We had a wonderfull time at the C.B.R!!! Wish we were still there.

Review has been posted at: http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/stlucia/coco.html

Thanks for the info ricko114. I’ve been reading most of the postings on TripAdvisor as well.

I am about to email the resort requesting 3rd or 4th floor rooms and was wondering what section of the resort would you suggest staying in? From what I gather, the South wing is a little more quiet since it’s further from the disco. Where would you recommend?

Thanks for the heads up on the towel game. We are used to playing that on all our vacations. I hate doing it, but in order to get a decent chair…blah blah blah

Did you leave the resort at all, other than to go on your excursion? We are thinking of renting a car and exploring on our own.

If a Dirty Banana is anything like Mexico’s Dirty Monkey, than I am in for a treat. My husband has learned how to make them here at home and YUMMMMMMM!!!

Thanks again for the info!

The south wing is definitely much quieter,if that’s what your’e looking for.
We hung around the adult pool all day , next to the wedding gazebo & witnessed several short wedding ceremonies each day.The beach at the south end is not that great for swimming…lots of seawood,debris…be carefull…some broken bottles got washed in one day which I picked up.
We didn’t leave the resort other than the full day excursion.Had planned on renting a car but decided not too.Glad I didn’t…not used to driving on the right side & the roads are very narrow,winding, hilly, the locals like to drive fast & will pass you anywhere.
Dirty banana =banana,coconut cream,mokatika,milk, light rum.
( there will be someone coming around pool side with a push cart that will make you a drink but he doesn’t serve beer…have to go to the lobby or swim-up bar for them)…they serve Heineken or their local beer…called Piton which I liked )

Wish I was back there right now!!!

My husband will be happy with the Heineken! What does the Piton beer compare to? Dirty Banana sounds similar to the Dirty Monkey except monkey has vodka instead of rum. Is mokatika like Kahlua? Definitely will try and have a couple for you too :wink:

What currency would you suggest bringing? We are unsure if we should maybe get some ECD before we leave, or simply use US$.

Thank you for all your input. It helps immensely!

Don’t know what to compare Piton beer to.It tasted like your average type beer to me.I like any kind of beer as long as it’s cold.
Mokatika is a coffee liquer.We used US$$$ only( $2.56 ECD= $1US when we were there).
Some stores show both the ECD price & the US price on the item.

Thanks ricko114, ggod to hear you enjoyed yourself ! I’m now looking forward to getting there, ultrasun, it will now be your turn !!! Let us know how things turn out for you !
Save some dirty bananas for us please !!!

I had friends there Feb 6-13 and they told me they had a wonderful time and would return.

ricko…is there an iron and ironing board in the room? I have my adaptor and convertor alreay packed.

Since we are on the Atlantic side, would you suggest bringing a light sweater for the evenings?

Thanks hlywud for the words of encouragement. I was slightly concerned reading some of the reviews on tripadvisor, but in my mind, vacation is what you make of it!

Hi Ultrasun,
There is an iron & ironing board in the closet.
You should take a light sweater…not for the evenings outside,which are quite pleasant…but for the air conditioning inside your room.It was a little cool in the room on several evenings & I didn’t want to play around with the air conditioner.For the most part, we were very comfortable in our room.

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve returned from St. Lucia and I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner. I’ve been fighting post-vacation depression and I think talking about my trip will help ease my ailment. I’ve already emailed one trip report (a very lengthy one at that) to a woman leaving in May. Jemik - let me know if you would like to read it as well. I could email it to you.

We had a wonderful time at this resort and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and will hopefully return one day. There are just too many islands to discover for us to return anytime soon. The island is amazing and the people are so friendly. We rented a car for a day and drove up the East Coast then over to Castries and down the West Coast. It was well worth it.

Thanks for all the info Ricko114! It helped tremedously!

Ultrasun, thanks for your kind offer , I would sure like to hear about your trip ! Can you E mail it here , or do you need an E mail Address ??

:slight_smile: I would love to hear all about your trip also, ultrasun. There is just so little info on this place. :-*

Here’s my info about the resort. I apologize if I get too lengthy or detailed, I wanted to share as much as possible…

Review has been posted at: http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/stlucia/coco.html