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Cohiba lanceros cigars

Hello there…just one last thread before head down tomorrow afternoon. Does anyone know what I can expect to pay for Cohiba Lanceros Cigars?
My Priest has asked me to bring him back a few…(honest)

Hi, according to Marty’s price list, you can expect to pay 12.45CUC’s per cigar (around $17 CAN). See link http://marty.514crew.com/cigarprices.html

Keep in mind, depending on where you are going, that selection of cigars might be limited. Maybe your Priest can give you a couple of other options just in case.

My husband says there is no such thing as a bad cigar. Just ones you haven’t tried yet…

Kev -

Make sure you only buy at a LCDH (La Casa Del Habano). Do not buy off the street or from workers at your AI who say they have a friend who works at the cigar factory. You’ll just be buying fakes and Cohiba is the most counterfeited cigar in the world. No sense in going all the way to Cuba and not buying the real deal. Have a good trip.

LCDH - http://www.lacasadelhabano.cu/site/content/view/31/52/lang,english/