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Combining your luggage - Skyservice


This may be of interest to those of you packing extra school supplies for your trip to the DR and/or distributing your luggage between suitcases. The question was addressed to Skyservice, but I would assume the other charter airlines are the same.

We have a couple traveling together, so the baggage allowance is 40 kg (20 kg/person).
So, if one bag is 25 kg and the other is 15 kg, is the 25 kg bag considered overweight?

If two passengers wish to combine their weight they may do so, as long as both passengers are presented at the check-in counter. Also if you wish to combine your luggage allowance please note one piece of luggage can not be over 32kg.


We have always had our luggage on the scale at the same time…


The reason I posted this is because a friend got nicked a few years ago. One suitcase was low, the other one high. He got charged overweight on the heavy one. And, no it was not SS.
All I’m saying is beware and know what the rules are. If you look at the “official” rules, it’s on a per passenger basis.


Good info … Thanks Bob! :sunglasses:


I agree. Great Info to have. It’ll come in handy in January.


does 20kg include your carry on or just checked suitcase


Just checked.


That is a great tidbit… now I can make my boyfriend pack more of the heavier items in his. :wink:


I am travelling next week and for the first time I was told that they will weigh my carry on too. Has this happened to anyone? ???


Our carry on was not weighed…


So far our carry-ons have never been weighed. It would be a major financial setback if they were. :wink:


My carryon was weighed November 19th in YYZ, first time ever.
But there is a first time for everything.


We had our carry ons weighed by Airtransat leaving calgary a few years ago. I was under and Deanna was over, so she had to unload stuff into mine. NOw how silly is that, and a waste in time. Haven’t had to since with Skyservice or Airtransat. Some great minds working that day.


Travelling with AirTransat I was once asked for my carry on so they could weigh it. NP it was okay. Funny they didn’t ask to weigh my husband’s.

Another time with the same airline we were told that ‘once again’ my carry on would have to be checked because it was oversize. I tried to argue it but was getting no one with the lady. Rather than raise a stink my husband checked it. I was madder than a bee (silently) as I KNEW it wasn’t oversized.

After checking it we walked by the display set up where you can put your checked luggage in to see if it fits and my husband said “It would have fit in there”. DUH!

What I have done since, is measure the carry-on bags and write the measurements on masking tape which I put on the outside of the bag.


You don’t necessarily have to declare carry-ons. Two weeks ago when we went to PUJ, I noticed that some people got a “Cabin luggage” (or something like it, yellow colour) tape to put on the carry-on. When we checked in, our carry-ons were on the floor, the attendant asked how many carry-ons we have, we said two and that was it. We didn’t get any yellow strip or tape so it could have been heavy or bulky but we are not our own enemy to carry around heavy carry-ons.


Two years ago I had a large carryon because I had lots of toys, etc for the kids. The ticket agent told me it was too large to carryon. I corrected her because I had checked the allowable size and carefully measured it before leaving. I showed her how it fit into their little “measuring box” that was there for the purpose. She responded that it must be overweight, then, and weighed it and made me check it. My kids didn’t get any of their “on-flight” toys and snacks until we got there. Last year I took small carry-ons for us all.


I guess it all depends on the attendant when it comes to carry-on.

When they wanted to weigh my carry-on, it was not even from the attendant serving us, but another person that was standing with her. Management? Trainer? I don’t know. I had the bag (a cloth one) slung over my shoulder.

As for the time when the attendant made us check our carry-on, our piece was on the floor. She obviously eye-balled it and assumed it was oversize.

As mentioned in the previous posting by myself, I tape the measurements right on the carry-on. I check the website of the airline we are flying with and choose accordingly. We always weigh all our luggage.


That’s a good idea Bebbie …to tape measurments on the carry-on. I’ve never had any problems with luggage or carry-on … I also, check with the carrier to see what the allowance is for each piece of luggage and pack accordingly. We weigh our carry-on and luggage at home …sooo we have a pretty good idea of the weight of each before we arrive at the check-in counter. :slight_smile:


Leaving Toronto Airport heading to POP on Nov 19 Skyservice, our carry on was weighed and tagged with a yellow tag. My carryon was a bit bulky, and heavier than hubby’s but not over weight. I was told to put in on the floor rather than in the overhead as it was a bit heavier. That was all.


greg u are so good to help,have u ever travelled with go travel direct?