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Commitment Ceremony in DR

Hi everyone. We are an older couple that have both been married before and are wanting a commitment ceremony. As we have both had the big weddings we are looking to have a small ceremony and would like to do it in the DR. Just wondering if anyone knows about commitment ceremonies in the DR for straight couples. We would like the ceremony very similiar to the wedding one, but of course no legal documents…any information is appreciated…thanks. :slight_smile:

Almost all hotels offer the “Symbolic” wedding (no legal papers). You can contact the wedding coordinator at the resort and they will handle everything for you…good luck and congratulations!!!

I never known of it.Thanks for sharing.Actually i didn’t have any bit of knowledge of it just learn form the replay that it is possible to commitment ceremony in DR.


Come on James enough of the posting blitz. This thread is nearly 2 years old.