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Compensation From Nolitours

Many of you followed my ordeal back in January with Skyservice and Nolitours ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: I was satisfied in the upgrade we ended up geting locally as it couldn’t have been more of an upgrade from what we booked. I was prepared to leave it at that but to my surprise, we received a voucher to use within the next year for $200 each. ;D ;D I felt that once we got into Nolitours hands, (out of the airport) we were treated great, this makes it a bit better again. Now all I have to do is watch for a good deal next year with Nolitours or Transat holidays and then use these vouchers on top .

What great customer service.

We’re booked with Nolitours for the first time for our trip later this month. :sunglasses:

Us too…with Nolitours flying Westjet…all for first time. That is good news…8 more sleeps!!! Ottawa airport, be ready for us :o

we got something form Signatue last year however, here’s the fine print: must be use on “regular/full” pricing packages, not discounted, $75.00 of each. They later ageed to let us us it on discounted packages but we never found a deal so we kissed the vouchers goodbye…uesd Sunwing instead.


We were on the 6055 flight and were just offered $300 voucher each with the same stipulations; to use in 1 year and to waive any further actions against them and SS.

I called to see if it could be extended to 2-3 years but was denied. Although please understand I’m not holding the DR responsible, I’m not prepared to vacation to there for a while, nor with these 2 services after our ordeal…if at all!

If you haven’t signed the form they sent, you can request cash instead if you’re interested. We are doing this and heading somewhere else next year.

…I loved PP but couldn’t stand to go thru their airport again and fear similar abandonment from the companies.