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Computer Hard Drives, etc

anyone take any hard drives or other computer parts into cuba lately -have they laxed at all with the rules - is it worth taking a chance - friends need a hard drive and memory

yes anybody having done that any info would be helpful. Mucho gracias

We brought down some hard drives and memory sticks last April - no problems at all. Will bring more down next April (Cameleon, Jibacoa)

I brought a couple modems and some memory sticks and had no problem at all.

i got a refurbed laptop and a box of old ram, sound cards, modems i am taking down in 3 weeks, not sure how i will pack all the parts so it doesnt look so ridiculous.

Because computers are finally legal there’s no problems taking parts in, but if they’re stand-alone devises then they’re obviously presents so Customs is within their rights to charge you duty. If you’re unlucky enough to run into a cranky Customs official it could get very expensive because they determine value on what they cost in Cuba, not what you paid at home. In other words, they can charge you whatever they want.

If you’re traveling with a laptop then it’s easy to being in anything and everything because it’s all “for your own use” so no duty owed…

Good luck.